DNF'ed at 36% Not bad! Continuing adventures of Weed in Royal Road.
😋 Pertualang Lee Hyun berlanjut dibuku kedua ini semakin seru.
Lee Hyun di buku kedua ini mendapatkan Quest khusus profesinya, dan melakukan pertualangan bersama teamnya menuju Lavias.

Disana dia bertemu Da'in, wanita yang membuat kenangan manis bersamanya.
Cerita ketika dia menghadari acara di sekolah adiknya juga sangat menarik dan lucu, Buku kedua ini berhasil membuatku jatuh hati untuk terus membaca serial buku ini.

Volume 2: CITY OF HEAVENS (my own title for it)

This is the second installment of the bound version of the Webnovel Series "The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor".
The story is simple: A poor guy is as desperate as to sell his old maximum level account of an once famous MMORPG and suddenly has more money in his hands than he has ever seen in his life.
This guy is LEE Hyun.
Unfortunately, his family has had many depts, and to repay them, all the gained money is gone.
But why not try it a second time? "Royal Road" is the name of the Virtual Reality game that is all over th place nowadays, and whoever is the first one to map the whole gaming continent, to see the whole world of Royal Road, will be a rich man.
So Hyun logs in into another MMORPG.

The VRMMORPGnovel is pretty popular nowadays, du  달빛 조각사 2 (The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, #2) ☆ (Review for Volumes 120)
Interesting adventure of a "sculptor" in a fantasy game world.
Part of the story takes place outside of the game and both sides come together to drive the main character's motivation.
Moving steadily.
I like it.
Edit: So I've read the first 7 books in this series and this review is applicable to each of those individually.
I initially rated these 4 stars but came back and lowered the rating as that is simply not fair to the other authors whose work I've rated as four stars.

The story line and concept for this series is great and I have enjoyed each of these books.
However, though the translations are decent, I feel the work suffers greatly simply due to the lack of a professional English translation as well as English editing and publishing process.
This series has tremendous potential though.
Unfortunately, at this point, what is publicly available to English readers is seriously lacking.
I've read that there are plans in the near future to professionally translate and publish.

Each volume is relatively short (between approximate Ebook, 달빛 조각사 2 (The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, #2)Author Heesung Nam This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book 달빛 조각사 2 (The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, #2) , Essay By Heesung Nam.
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