This is the first time I ve read anything by Wilson, but as it is a sort of version of The Turn Of The Screw by Henry James, I felt James would serve as a sort of go between for us.
This book follows the fortunes of a young American student in England who is writing a dissertation on James most famous ghost story She is very much a deconstructionist and post modernist, keen to coin her own critical vocabulary and bring her own unique vision to bear on the text At something of an impasse, she takes up a job as a nanny to two young children with an absent, presumed deceased mother, who live in a country estate.
At this point the two stories James and Wilson s start to blur Things build and build, and there is a growi I enjoyed this Sallie, an American student in London studying James Turn of the Screw, finds herself in a similar position as the unamed governess of the novel She takes a job as nanny to 2 children in a large old country house and slowly we learn that things are not all quite right with her and that she has a mysterious past Very cleverly done the marriage of the 2 books and Sallie s obsession with Turn makes for scary reading.
I really like this book I just read The Turn of the Screw so came into it completely ready to compare and contrast the two, but I ended up getting so swept up in the narrative This book is perfect in its own right, and such a clever twist from James original still hauntingly familiar but with enough modern differences that I was thoroughly engaged I love the conscious plot points borrowed from The Turn of the Screw, and Sallie s own fixation on it all is very engaging And then of course the denouement comes crashing down in the last long chapter and I was in awe of the story Wilson so cleverly constructed It s one I m going to be thinking about for some time, I think.

2006 bookcrossing journal Oh my goodness, what compulsive reading It s also another one of those books inspired by a book I haven t read The Turn of the Screw Henry James , but it is very readable if you haven t read it.
I don t want to write too much here incase some one reads this who hasn t read the book yet But the girl, Sallie, was unbelieveable She turned into a psycho.
The story follows Sallie, an American PhD student in London who takes a nanny job at a large country estate to get a break from the academic life Gradually you learn her back story and that she isn t the ideal person for a nanny She has issues with kids, and as it turns out, the way they are created too She is very insecure about herself, and you do feel sympathy for her as she does seem to be incapable of escaping her past But she s so into analysing h The good parts of this book were 3 and the bad parts were 2 so I have been generous and settled on averaging out to 3 Luckily it wasof a novella than a full length novel so I could get through it quickly otherwise I reckon it would have been a full on disappointing 2.
I know this is meant to depict someone with irreparable mental issues, but literally every other page contained an action or thought that had me cringing with secondhand embarrassment Pro The author conveyed things well enough that I physically reactedCon Of all things, it probably shouldn t have been embarrassment that I felt ✓ A Jealous Ghost î ughhh Is Something Rather Disquieting About Sallie Declan, A Young American In London, And It Is Not Just Her Obsession With Henry James S The Turn Of The Screw, The Subject Of Her PhD Thesis There Is Her Decision, Almost Casually Taken, To Leave Her Studies For A Temporary Job As A Nanny In A Large Country House She Seems To Display Astonishing Naivety As She Builds A Fantasy About Her Emotional Future There Surely She Can See It Is All Delusion But A Progressively ↠´ read Í A Jealous Ghost by A.
Wilson ✓ Darker Reality Unfolds As We Are Led Inexorably Towards A Terrible And Shocking Climax Melodramatic A reworking of Turn of the Screw which is bleak with an element of tragi comedy Sallie, an American phd student, doing her thesis on James s Turn of the Screw is alone and studying in London She begins to be depressed and decides to take a nanny job looking after two children in a remote country house housekeeper and all.
Because this is based on Turn of the Screw you know it isn t going to end well Sallie is so unsympathetic a character and the father of the children so unbelieveable in his sloppiness entrusting his children to a complete stranger with unchecked references that credulity is overstretched This is alsoof a psychological thriller than a ghost story and the ending is way too obvious For me a ghost story is enhanced if the haunted person is generally sane and balanced rather than an emotional and psychological wreck This just did not work.

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