I will never Never Complain about my childhood again.
Okay, that s not true I will But when I let out a sad sigh of remorse that I didn t figure out exactly why I really wanted to be friends with that one guy in band in high school until it was way too late to do anything about it, I will at least think, At least I wasn t killing people and snorting gunpowder Like most of you reading this, I knew absolutely nothing about what was happening in Sierra Leone in the 1990s I didn t know there was anything to know For all I knew, we had fixed Africa back in 84 when the First World Lonely Hearts Club Band belted out We Are The World and made us all notice the famine in Ethiopia And anyway, that was in east Africa West Africa was supposed to be a little better organized.
Shows how much I knew Turns out all hell was breaking loose Aft Dear Ms Naomi Campbell,I have always been an ardent aficionado of your work from your heydays sashaying the YSL runaways along with Linda Evangelista to crooning in George Michael s Freedom video Your numerous sexual trysts with celebrated oligarchs and other questionable chaps were highly fascinating although not marvelous But lately, you seem to forego your sadistic tantrums and suffer from a transient global amnesia Is it due to those numerous chalky dust lines running through your nasal septum I do not know whom to believe You, Carol White or Mia Farrow Are you familiar with a certain Mr Charles Taylor, the benefactor to your gift of dirty little stones Aww My apologies if I m being a twinge to you ruptured temporal lobe Anyhow, as an admirer of your never ending legs, I enclose a pill to your deteriorated hippocampus.
Let me intr I read this book in 2007 when this book was first released It was a year when local High School kids in our area were assigned to read this book Then later in the year Ishmael came to speak at our local state University to a room ofthan 1,000 people.
It was a powerful night Ismael Beach was 26 years old when this book came out He tells his story of becoming a child soldier in Sierra Leone and of his later rehabilitation Heartbreaking horrors children in war.
fighting, killing, dying.
A riveting disturbing memoir.
Ishmael became a spokesperson for the welfare of children caught in the brutality of war He opened the eyes for many while building his own life thriving and living in the United States Thankful for all the supp

5 StarsTW Violence gore, rape, drug abuseThis book reminded me of Between Shades of Grey by Ruta Sepetys, not because their subject matter is anything alike, but because I had the same reaction to both books Throughout the duration of the book it was very impactful and heavy, and I may have shed a tear or two, but as soon as I closed the book the weight of it just fell upon me and it made me start crying in full Wow This book is truly unlike anything I ve read before I can t even fathom the life that Ishmael has lived through, and his bravery for telling his story This book was educational, this book was heart wrenching, this book was touching, this book was amazing As far as memoirs go, this will definitely be a memorable one.
Blood diamond Lord of war.
A Long Way Gone Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, Ishmael Beah 2016 1394 240 9786007642412 1395 26 ä A Long Way Gone.
Memoirs of a Boy Soldier
» , , , , , Devastating Story Of War Through The Eyes Of A Child Soldier Beah Tells How, At The Age Of Twelve, He Fled Attacking Rebels And Wandered A Land Rendered Unrecognizable By Violence By Thirteen, He D Been Picked Up By The Government Army, And Became A SoldierMy New Friends Have Begun To Suspect I Haven T Told Them The Full Story Of My Life Why Did You Leave Sierra Leone Because There Is A War You Mean, You Saw People Running Around With Guns And Shooting Each Other Ç read Æ A Long Way Gone.
Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah î Yes, All The Time Cool I Smile A Little You Should Tell Us About It Sometime Yes, Sometime This Is How Wars Are Fought Now By Children, Hopped Up On Drugs And Wielding AK S Children Have Become Soldiers Of Choice In The Than Fifty Conflicts Going On Worldwide, It Is Estimated That There Are Some , Child Soldiers Ishmael Beah Used To Be One Of Them What Is War Like Through The Eyes Of A Child Soldier How Does One Become A Killer How Does One Stop Child Soldiers Have Been Profiled By Journalists, And Novelists Have Struggled To Imagine Their Lives But Until Now, There Has Not Been A First Person Account From Someone Who Came Through This Hell And SurvivedIn A Long Way Gone, Beah, Now Twenty Five Years Old, Tells A Riveting Story How At The Age Of Twelve, He Fled Attacking Rebels And Wandered A Land Rendered Unrecognizable By Violence By Thirteen, He D Been Picked Up By The Government Army, And Beah, At Heart A Gentle Boy, Found That He Was Capable Of Truly Terrible Acts This Is A Rare And Mesmerizing Account, Told With Real Literary Force And Heartbreaking Honesty This is a very important book, though not an easy one to read Ishmael s style leaves a lot to be desired, and he is especially weak, I feel, when he tries to be philosophical But he makes up for that with the descriptions of war, to the depravity which human beings can descend to The fact that he does this with a child s candour, unemotionally, makes it evendisturbing.
Children can be easily moulded And cruelty comes easily to children, because they do not think of it as cruel in the adult sense These child soldiers bury men alive with the same enthusiasm and curiosity as a child pulling wings off a butterfly and watching it squirm Values such as the difference between kindness and cruelty have to be taught to children but these boy soldiers of Sierra Leone, most of whom have seen their family and friends massacred mercilessly, have been fed The review for this one is a toss up between one and five stars It was an amazing story of how a twelve year old boy survived the armed conflicts in Sierra Leone in the 1990s It s well written, provides vivid imagery, and evokes the horrors of war.
The one star is because of the vivid imagery Let s be perfectly clear about this people die in this book Blood spatters everywhere, usually blood that should be kept inside some of the narrator s closest friends From the very first page to the very last, you are kept on a rollercoaster ride of emotion, happy one minute and torn with grief the next, until you and the narrator have both attained a kind of wariness to happiness since you know it won t last There s a constant suspense of waiting for the other shoe to drop, and when it does it hits the ground like a ten ton hammer.
This book is distu

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