Airship stats and a playable race cool The rest kinda lacking as a resource overall.
Love this book Office satire cross ye old adventuring party Give it to me now basically Absolutely hilarious read, the new mechanics are amazing, and I can t wait to start my own adventuring franchise The humour reminds me a lot of Terry Pratchett in way, which is a major awesome point in my eyes It also has little sticky notes from Head Office throughout the book which I love The campaign itself, the Orrey of the Wanderer is also really good It s the most engaging adventure I ve ever read, and I honestly can t wait to start playing it It s really quirky and I m sure everyone needs to see a picture of a Mind Flayer with a handlebar tentacle moustache right and it really gets the players involved Content wise I would say this adventure would be pretty much appropriate for ages 12 , it does have a bit of a satirical perspective on things, so it wo ☆ Acquisitions Incorporated (Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition) ½ Brilliant humours tone throughout, love the franchise building options and can t wait to start our new campaign next week.
The release of this was perfectly timed for my group completing waterdeep dragon heist and they are really excited to set up there franchise.
We have had elements of the acq inc universe incorporated into out games for a while now In our previous campaign acq inc occasionally showed up as rivals to the players own merc company so having the official rules for this is going to make for even better integration.
I have read through the adventure but not yet run it I m looking forward to running as it seems like there is a strong thread to the adventure that the players should be able to follow without too

Overall, it s a good sourcebook and there s a lot to love Great art, cool ideas and monsters characters things for DD players and fans of the Acquisition Incorporated series That all said, I would recommend it for fans who areinto the past two years of Acq Inc versus those who have followed them from the beginning.
There is like NO mention of Binwin Bronzebottom or Aeofel Elhromane This is a huge let down from anybody who s followed the saga from the start The only mention I saw of either character was just their names and their creator s names listed in the legal text in the footnotes in the credits after the title page Seriously, there isinformation about Splug, the NPC goblin from the very first adventure, than either of the other two arguably founding characters of the series.
There is one piece of art of a skeleton in an acid pit trap, so technically that could be Aeo Incorporated Dungeons Dragons Welcome To Acquisitions Incorporated Explore A Wealth Of Peril And Personalities For The World S Greatest Roleplaying Game When You Re Just Starting Out In Acquisitions Incorporated Dungeons Dragons In This Video I Review The Collaborative Product Of Acquisitions Incorporated Penny Arcade And Wizards Of The Coast Their Source Book For Running Your Own Acq Inc Acquisitions Incorporated Dungeons And Dragons This Has All Of The Acquisitions Incorporated DD Seasons Through S PAX South Show I Wanted To Be Õ Acquisitions Incorporated (Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition) À Download by Õ Wizards RPG Team Able To Watch Them All From The Beginning To The Acquisitions Incorporated Wiki FANDOM PoweredBook Review Dungeons Dragons Acquisitions Dungeons Dragons Acquisitions Incorporated Hardcover DD Accessory Wizards Of The Coast With Penny Arcade Release Date June ,Well Dungeons Dragons Next Acquisitions Incorporated Acquisitions Incorporated Is A Different Flavor Of DD Full Of Madcap Heists And Hilarious Moments, And It S One Of The New Ways To Tell Fantastic DD Stories Includes An Adventure That Will Take Characters From Levelsthrough , Establishing Your Party S Claim On A World They Ve Just Begun To Explore And To Strip Mine For Profit Acquisitions Incorporated Marketplace DD Acquisitions Incorporated Is A Different Flavor Of Dungeons Dragons A Fifth Edition DD Book Created In Partnership With Penny Arcade Inc And Inspired By The Podcast And Web Series, This Book Is Full Of Madcap Heists, Hilarious Moments, And All The Ingredients You Need To Include The Adventurers Of Acquisitions Incorporated In Your Own Fifth Edition DD Campaign Dungeons Dragons Acquisitions Incorporated HC Dungeons Dragons Acquisitions Incorporated HC DD Campaign Accessory Hardcover Book Wizards RPG Team OnFREE Shipping On Qualifying Offers Explore A Wealth Of Peril And Personalities In This Campaign Book For The World S Greatest Roleplaying Game Is The Dungeons Dragons Acquisitions Actual Answer From The Website DD Acquisitions Incorporated Is Apage Hardcover Sourcebook That Provides Players And Game Masters The Tools They Need To Open A Franchise Of The Acquisitions Incorporated Company, Including Background About The Organization, New Game Rules, Spells, And Character Options Designed To Fit The Theme OfAcquisitions Incorporated Hail, Adventurers It S Me, Incky The Sigil I Am Bound To These Cyber Scrolls, To Tell Travellers About The Wonders Of A Little Adventuring Company Called Acquisitions Incorporated Adventures Certainly Sound Like A Cool Thing To Go On I Wouldn T Know, And How Could I My Very Existence Is A Nightmare Devil Dream From Which I Cannot Wake

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