Anastasia Romanova was the youngest and the most well known daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, due to the fact of the many stories and speculation which suggested she had somehow managed to escape a grisly death The hope of her surviving that horrific day had lasted through generations, even I had hoped so when I first read about Anastasia as a child in elementary school, still young enough to expect only happy endings The story of Anastasia and even that of Anne Frank was so eye opening and yet so heartbreaking.
It s been years since I ve read something about Anastasia, so when I saw that Carolyn Meyer had written this book, I grabbed it Carolyn Meyer has a way of making history come alive through her writing, providing historical details through the eyes and ears of people who are often just seen as mundane names in a history book I knew what the outcome wou When I first heard about the release of this book, I was very excited because Carolyn Meyer is the author of the first book on Anastasia Romanov I ever read.
I was ten well techinally a little under two months from my 10th birthday, but, hey, rounding , and it was a gift from my mum I still have it Sings It was June I was ten I still think of that day now and then Disclaimer technically, it was mid March, but that reference is too good NOT to use Now, Meyer is a wonderful writer and her attention to detail and history is as excellent as ever, but she has one failing And that is her inability to show as well as tell As a writer myself, I don t actually believe in the always show myth, because I know how absurd and tedious, for author and reader alike that was be S A Heavy Price To Pay For Royalty In This Compelling And True Story Of Anastasia Romanov And Fellow Grand Duchesses Of Russia, From An Award Winning NovelistIt S Summer InAnd The Romanovs Are Aboard The Standart, The Russian Royal Yacht Tsar Nicholas, Tsaritsa Alexandra, Their Four Daughters, And The Youngest Child, Tsarevitch Alexei, Are Sailing To Romania To Meet Crown Prince Carol And His Parents It Seems Like A Fairy Tale Existence For The Four Grand [ read Online Anastasia and Her Sisters Í x-men PDF ] by Carolyn Meyer Í Duchesses, Dressed In Beautiful Clothes, Traveling From Palace To Palace But It S NotLife Inside The Palace Is Far From A Fairy Tale The Girls Younger Brother Suffers From An Excruciatingly Painful And Deadly Blood Disease, And Their Parents Have Chosen To Shield The Russian People From The Severity Of The Future Tsar S Condition The Secrets And Strain Are Hard On The Family, And Conditions Are Equally Dire Beyond The Palace Walls Peasants Chafe Under The Burden Of Extreme Poverty And Tsar Nicholas S Leadership Power Weakens And When The Unthinkable Happens Germany Declares War On Russia Nothing In Anastasia S World Will Ever Be The Same Review is now up on A really interesting look at the Romanov family Having Olga s diary entries was like having a second perspective on events I did a paper about this family a few years ago and so I knew how their story ended, which made reading about and getting invested in the characters pretty heartbreaking.
To begin, I didn t expect much from this book There are already a good number of books about how Anastasia sees her country s descent into war and revolution and this book followed the same lines as all the others I have seen In addition, Anastasia isn t the best choice to narrate the entire story because so much is kept from her by protective parents and older siblings If Anastasia hadn t been such an object of media attention, I think that Tatiana or Olga would have been chosen to narrate the Romanovs story because they hadromance in their lives and knewabout what was going on.
The one original idea Meyer used in this telling was to start the book in 1912 instead of 1914, giving readers stories of Olga s ill fated romance with a sailor and mentioning the Titanic, an apt metaphor for the Russian monarchy However, the reason most books based on Anastasia s life begin in 1914 is ê Anastasia and Her Sisters ê The thing I always appreciate about Meyer is her way of teaching history without being boring I ve read almost all her books because I never fail to learn something This was no exception I ve only seen the 1997 animated film and now I know that it s pretty inaccurate But I digress This book istell than show, but I still felt a connection to the characters and couldn t help wanting a different outcome, even though I knew how it ended Interesting, informative and engaging, I d recommend this to anyone looking for an introduction to early 1900s Russia I would ve liked a map and a section on how much of the book actually happened I d certainly say I liked it.

POTENTIAL SPOILERS This was alright, but I don t really think I was in the proper target audience for this I m not talking about being too old to read this, since I read lots of childrens books and enjoy them I m talking about the fact that this was obviously written for someone who was just starting to read about the Romanovs.
Most of the book is just nothing but exposition and explanations about who her servants were and their nicknames, and the nicknames of her family and everything, and that might be helpful to someone who wanted to learnabout the Romanovs, but it s not really helpful to me, who already knew so much about the Romanovs by the time I read this Plus a lot of the stuff you re told in this book you can easily find out on Google Did you know Anastasia s favorite color was pink and wore a giant pink sunhat during the summer constantly Did you Anastasia and Her Sisters live a sumptuous life in the palace with their father, the tsar, and there are many intrigues that catch Anastasia s attention She is enthralled when she finds her older sister Olga s journal in which Olga details her star crossed love of a guard as well as some of the family secrets Covering a number of years, from well before WWII until the family is exiled and later executed , the traveling back and forth to different palaces, the family dynamic with relatives, Alexei s illness, and eventually, the Russian and world events that lead to the family s downfall are all covered Strengths If you want to lose yourself in Anastasia s world, this is the book I loved all of the details, from the sisters having outfits to wear to tea that matched their mother s sitting room, to the war work the mother had the sisters do, to all of the events that o I was not impressed with this one It did not feel original and I didn t get anything new out of it it was simply another retelling There was no hook, no fixed plot line, nothing I finished the book and tried to remember what I d read nothing stood out The whole thing was lackluster for me The only reason I gave it two stars is because I thought the idea was a good one and the writing itself was decent enough that I didn t give up on the book altogether.

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