Apple Pro Training Series: GarageBand (English Edition) ☆ Wow I am a complete novice to GarageBand I got an audio keyboard for Christmas and thought it would be smart to learn how to use it with my Mac What a course Mary led me through some very complicated stuff in GarageBand, and kindled pun intended a new respect for people who mix music GarageBand is truly powerful, and Mary s book allows you to harness that power Highly recommended It s also valuable after completing the training if you can t remember how to do something just search for it.
Book Covers GarageBandThe Content And Or Media Files Do Not Work With Subsequent Releases Of The Software In The Only Apple Certified Guide To GarageBand , Readers Will Be Creating original Works Within The First Few Chapters Using Real Life Material And Practical Lessons That They Can Apply Immediately To Their Own Projects, This Book Media Combo Offers A Complete, Self Paced Course In All Aspects Of GarageBand Focused Lessons Take You Step By Step Through Fun, Real World Projects, And GarageBandFeatures Exclusively For ✓ Apple Pro Training Series: GarageBand (English Edition) ☆ Download by Õ Mary Plummer This Book, Author Musician Mary Plummer Works With A Host Of Talented Artists Ranging From A Student Songwriter To A Professional Touring Guitarist, An Award Winning Poet, An Independent Hip Hop Recording Artist, And Award Winning Dancers To Create All New, Real World Projects That Readers Will Step Through Along The Way Readers Will Get To Mix A Songwriters Demo, Test Amp Simulators And Stomp Boxes With An Electric Guitar Solo, Edit Spoken Dialog For An Audio Book, Lay Down original Hip Hop Beats Using A Drum Machine Patch And Dynamic Tempo Changes, And Add Percussion And Effects To A Dance Video To Enhance The SoundFor Mobile Users, The Book Includes An Overview Of GarageBand For IOS And Sharing GarageBand Songs Via ICloud Between IOS Devices And Your Mac This Self Paced Learning Tool Pairs An Easy, Accessible Style With Ample Illustrations And Keyboard Shortcuts To Guarantee That Readers Become Proficient With GarageBandIn No Time This is a series of lessons with a digital download, and it is very effective when used as intended, which is like a textbook Not so effective as a reference book because it is organized by projects rather than by tools or effects The index will take you to the part of a project that involves the use of the tool or effect you re looking for, but then you have to follow along for a bit to find the specific information you re looking for That being said, this book did serve as my gateway into Garageband and got me into it pretty quickly I d have absolutely given it five stars if it had a reference section in the back for quick lookups.
A fairly thorough GarageBand dissection Overall worth the exercise if you wish to familiarize yourself with this fairly complex program It took me a couple of weeks to work through the author s exercises Basic recording is not difficult on GarageBand Remembering all of the nuances available to you is another story To master the program requires considerable dedication and study Mary s book will get you started better than most.

I bought this book just before my Mac died I went out and got an new computer w Yosemite installed Despite a copyright date of 2015, the book was actually released in mid 2014, as I found out later Altho the book s intro states it was written on Maverick, it says you may use it with Maverick 10.
9 or Yosemite 10.
0 Well, that isn t the case by p.
17 the illustrations which are so poorly printed, it s hard to make out detail do not match up Even poking around in the usually intuitive Apple Apps lead me down blind alleys or created messes I m surprised at the positive reviews, not because of my personal experience, but of how poorly it s written Some authors suffer from explaining their subject so many times they can get sloppy, lazy, or just take readers knowledge of the subject for granted Don t get me wrong I have used Apple Pro Training Series books w much success before I So excellent So helpful They should knight Mary Plummer Buy this book plus, you can teach yourself at your own convenience You can even skip ahead to certain parts i.
e Recording live instruments as need be I m doing that.
I ll say though, that each section has SO many killer insider tips, and only takes an hour, it s best if you do go back and learn them You won t believe all the cool stuff she has in here.
If you re planning on getting pro tools certified, DEF read this first, Brotien shake There are so many wicked tricks and tools, and I ve been working in a studio environment for years But for the home studio person not switching to Cubebase, etc.
, doing simple demos, this is soooo helpful.

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