I ve never read heltaila before but I thought the names being countries was a little bit cringy the names probably make sense for the main story However, the intimatcy was good so 3 stars.
Tenia mucho sin encontrar un manga smut con hermoso arte y de uno de mis ships favoritos.
This was sweet, cute, hot and sexy 3 3I m not even in the Hetalia fandom and I totally got it and shippp Sooooo adorable There was a nice plot and fantastic artwork as usual v Loved everything.
it was lovely to read it so cute as well

Kyaaaaa LOVE IT ä ある男の敗北 ↠´ Not familiar with the world of Hetalia at all, but the art in this was nice and it had a simple, easy to follow story of misplaced jealousy leading to confession.
Yaoi doujinshi for If you love yaoi that is heavy on emotional connection and love, give this a read Don t let its basis in Hetalia drive you away I m not even a big fan of shipping characters from Hetalia but this was absolutely GORGEOUS and beautiful to read.
Romance, YaoiAdapted From Axis Powers HetaliaPairing Germany X NItalyHaunted By A Ghost Of The Past Germany Lashes Out, But Italy Can T Stay Mad At Him And He Faces The SituationPairing Germany X North Italy Download Epub Format º ある男の敗北 PDF by º Ranmaru Zaria Funbook

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