I was very drawn into this book, and am surprised so many other reviews are dismissive Fonseca s voice for her main character reminds me in a strange way of Virginia Woolf, though the writing style is quite different What they have in common is a sense of getting inside one very particular mind and really getting to know the way that person thinks although this particular person is, interestingly enough, apparently unable to do so with the other people in her life she interprets everything wrongly in the immediate, and is constantly surprised by the reasons behind other people s choices I found it a very honest meditation on the fluidity of experience, relationships, and self knowledge, which is grounded in the very particular individual experience of the main character.
I found parts of this book good I thought the beginning set up a good story At times, however, I found the writing particularly confusing I kept rereading sentences, oftentimes moving on still unsure of what the author was trying to convey I also found many of the author s analogies inapt Once I decided not to read it so carefully, I was able to get into the story, only to find the miscommunication between the characters and the resulting consequences to seem quite farfetched and unbelievable Also, I thought the thread about saving the kestrals birds was not well integrated into the overall story Not worth the time.
Than Twenty Years Of Life In London, Jean And Mark Hubbard Decamp To A Remote Tropical Island In The Indian Ocean But When Jean, A Health Columnist, Discovers A Salacious Love Letter Addressed To Her Husband, She Realizes That She Has Misdiagnosed Some Acute Pathologies In Her Own Life The Long Idyll Of Their Mutual Ease Is Over And A New Quest Has Just Begun Looking For Answers, Jean Goes Undercover With A Surreptitious Correspondence That Propels Her On To Alarming And Illuminating Adventures Of Her Own [ Pdf Attachment á yuri PDF ] by Isabel Fonseca æ Isabel Fonseca Explores The Impulses That Color And Disrupt Our Lives Even As They Reveal, Ever Clearly, The Nature Of Love From The Trade Paperback Edition I tore thru the first part of this book, when Jean the American writer and Mark her British husband were a nice solid, likable couple enjoying their new home on a tropical island, telecommuting to her magazine job and his ad agency in London But then as everything gets complicated illicit affairs, medical conditions, family issues resulting from her parents long ago divorce instead of getting interesting, it got harder for me to keep reading Initially there were little holes in the plot that bothered me like when Jean finds a love letter intended for her husband and starts emailing the woman herself, well that hardly seems plausible Then when he keeps traveling for business and ostensibly seeing the email girlfriend, somehow the subject of their torrid daily email correspon Attachment connotes different things How a bout a flying bird, carrying a blank document in its beak Sort of like a message in a bottle No For that reason I almost didn t pull the book off the shelf and take it home with me That s the New York publishing world for you, specifically Alfred A Knopf, silly, misinformed, if not damn right stupid I never read the synopsis on the inside jacket foolishness from ad men women What I do do, is look at the author s photograph on the back flap, and see if I can discern who they are, and what they may have to say about the way things are Pictures are worth a 1000 words sometimes Faces and foreheads anyway So what is this book about, Attachment, a novel by Isabel Fonseca The act of fastening two things together, like a gate to a post There is that A document, a written file or picture attached to e mail There is that, too More of that than the ot I have this tendency, sometimes conscious and sometimes not, to gravitate towards books that deal with themes ideas,problems that I m dealing with in my own life In the fall, when my sister in law was undergoing treatment for alcoholism, I read book after book that touched on addiction issues In January apparently the month in which the most marriage breakdowns take place I found out that two of my close friends were dealing with infidelity in their marriages All of a sudden, it seemed like every book I picked up was about marital affairs and mid life crisis.
This novel begins with a wife s discovery that her husband is conducting an overtly sexual as opposed to emotional, at least as far as we know affair with a younger woman Puzzlingly, the middle aged husband Mark and wife Jean in the story have decamped from their home in London to a remote island called Saint Jacques Ü Attachment Ü read the STOP SMILING interview with Attachment author Isabel Fonseca NEGATIVE CAPABILITIESIt s 10 a.
m in Primrose Hill, London Author Isabel Fonseca sits in her kitchen, tanking up on coffee An American by birth and a New Yorker at heart, she remains in disbelief that she s lived in England for over 25 years It s payment for my sins, she says Or maybe I just forgot to leave Her tone has a throwaway flash to it She s just joking, right Fonseca corrects me immediately I m not, you know Why such resentment toward her adopted home After all, England made her, so to speak, from a PPE philosophy, politics and economics degree at Oxford to her role as an assistant editor at the Times Literary Supplement to the celebrated publication o Not recommended.
The 2 star average rating given for this book is a pretty accurate representation of the response of our book group who felt that the sexual content was rather too explicit and the story itself was a bit weak In reward for our efforts to finish the book we weren t even sure whether the protagonist stayed with her husband or left him.
The central character is Jean, a forty something journalist with a syndicated health column Her husband of many years is an advertising excutive and together they decide to leave the rat race and move to the tropical island of St Jacques This was one of the better parts of the book the island was picturesque and vibrant, although only a handful of local characters appear.
When Jean picks up correspondence relating to Giovanna, Mark s bit on the side , she starts to question their future together and all hi

On a long holiday weekend, what do I decide to do read a depressing book of questionable merit I didn t hate it, but I didn t really like it either It s painfully overwritten Often, unbearably claustrophobic At times, embarrassingly silly And yet I could find myself relating to the central character, even if I didn t like her I admired some of the language, when it managed to free itself from the unyielding blather of internal dialogue Which, I suppose, allowed me to share the experience of the central character who was battered by several Really Big, Real Life issues after confessing that she essentially had avoided such things in the past And, above all, I appreciated that it was something of a story about a woman s midlife crisis Which I think is underestimated or at least overshadowed in all the expectations of men having them Everyone feels regret This e After a slow, frustrating beginning Hmm, my husband may be cheating on me I should probably not be hasty and go to the gym first , this became a very satisfying book, covering not just infidelity but the potential loss of a father, the estrangement of grown siblings, and the challenge of seeing your daughter build her own life and make her own mistakes My one criticism is that she didn t develop the husband Mark fully enough there was nothing endearing about him, nothing to suggest why she was first or ever drawn to him, why she would assume others would be drawn to him besides his money, why she was so tolerant of his other faults besides their accumulated life together In fact, the only identifying characteristics he possesses are his self

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