I loved the book but Clarice s naivety about life sex is a bit too unrealistic At age 30 being in the medical field I just don t know how she can be so clueless Enjoyed reading the book Keep up the good work Cant wait to get my hands on book 3 to see how everything unfolds.
Å Baby Im Yours (Spinsters & Casanovas: Clarice & Hunter Book 2) ò GoodGood read James st going too look for lady book hope they get married in next book before baby comes

GoodThis was a good book but it leaves you hanging Book 1 is a cliffhanger and now this book has my mouth watering forI guess I have to wait for book 3 and I hope I get answers.
CasanovaHunter S Life Has Never Been So Perfect, Until He Meets The Spinster Clarice Mason He Accidentally Impregnates Her, Then Confesses To The Whole World That He Wants To Sleep With Her AgainKnowing Clarice Will Think He S The Same Playboy Casanova As Always, Hunter Is Determined To Prove Her Wrong By Being The Perfect Partner And Father For Their Baby But Nosy People Tend To Crop Up Where He Least Expects Them, Out To Destroy His ChancesThe SpinsterAll Clarice Mason Í Baby Im Yours (Spinsters & Casanovas: Clarice & Hunter Book 2) Ó Download by à Wanitta Praks S Thoughts Are Preoccupied With Her Unborn Baby When Hunter Comes Barging Into Her Life, Claiming He S Taking Responsibility As The Father, It S Like He S Grown Three Heads She Can Take Care Of Herself It Is Her Baby After All If The Father Of Her Baby Is This Casanova, Then She Would Prefer He S Not Involved At All But When Hunter Begins Displaying All The Traits She So Desires In A Man, She Knows Her Heart Is In Grave DangerHow Can Hunter Prove To Her That He Is Utterly And Undeniably In Love With Her That He S Giving Her His Heart And Soul For All Eternity All He Wants To Say Are Those Three Words That Will Bind Him To Her Forever Baby, I M Yours

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