Packender Bericht ber die Enth llung eines betr gerischen Startups im Silicon Valley Besonders brisant durch den geplanten Einsatz im Gesundheitswesen und beim Milit r Da wird einem schwindlig, wenn man bedenkt, was h tte passieren k nnen, w re es zu einem gro en Rollout gekommen Liest sich wie ein Krimi im Grunde ist es das auch und zeigt, wie namhaften Pers nlichkeiten, darunter der amtierende US Verteidigungsminister gravierende Fehleinsch tzungen unterlaufen sind.
Dazzling Story Of Deception In Silicon Valley It Is A Tale Of Heroic Cupidity On A Scale That Made The Very Best And The Very Brightest Look Like The Very, Very Foolish You Will Not Be Able To Put This Book Down Washington Post Riveting A Blistering Critique Of Silicon Valley, A Kind Of Nonfiction Corollary To Dave Eggers S The Circlecompelling Carreyrou S Unmasking Of Theranos Is A Tale Of David And Goliath The Real Heroes, Though, Are His Sources The Download Epub Format ↠´ Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup (English Edition) PDF by ñ John Carreyrou Young Scientists Who Worked At The Company And Risked Their Reputations And Careers By Voicing Their Concerns Were It Not For Their Courage, Theranos Might Still Be Testing Blood Today David Crow Financial Times I Couldnt Put Down This Thriller With A Tragic Ending A Book So Compelling That I Couldnt Turn Away This Book Has Everything Elaborate Scams, Corporate Intrigue, Magazine Cover Stories, Ruined Family Relationships, And The Demise Of A Company Once Valued At NearlyBillion No Wonder Hollywood Is Already Planning To Turn It Into A Movie Bill Gates,books I Loved InIf Youre Looking For An Engaging Non Fiction Read, Look No Further Than Bad Blood A Pacy, Compelling Narrative About White Collar Crime Thats As Incredible As Any Work Of Fiction Irish Times Carreyrou Tells The Story Virtually To Perfection Bad Blood Reads Like A West Coast Version Of All The Presidents Men New York Times In This Silicon Valley Drama, He Opens His Reporters Notebook To Deliver A Tale Of Corporate Fraud And Legal Browbeating That Reads Like A Crime Thriller TheBest Nonfiction books OfTIME Gripping Carreyrou Presents The Scientific, Human, Legal And Social Sides Of The Story In Full He Unveils Many Dark Secrets Of Theranos That Have Not Previously Been Laid Bare Nature Gripping It Is A Parable, With All The Usual, Delicious Ingredients Of Human Folly Greed, Pride, Vanity, Lust, Anger Above All, It Is An Analysis Of The Phenomenon Of Hype Daily Telegraph Simply One Of The Best books About A Startup Ever Forbes Bad Blood Reveals A Crucial Truth Outside Observers Must Act As The Eyes, The Ears And, Most Importantly, The Voice Of Silicon Valleys Blind Spot It Gambled Not With Our Smart Phones, Our Attention Or Our Democracy, But With Peoples Lives PasteThe Shocking True Story Of The Biggest Corporate Fraud Since Enron, A Gripping Cautionary Tale Set Amid The Bold Promises And Gold Rush Frenzy Of Silicon Valley I remember having read the article in Fortune and being fascinated by the prospect presented by Theranos socalled innovative technology What a scam Fantastic peace of investigative journalism Very well written book I could not put it down Proves oncethat if it looks like a dead fish and smells like a dead fish, it is a dead fish Good to see also that excepted all patients of course, no small guys were harmed Ms Holmes missed out on her career As used car sales person she would be worth millions today.
↠´ Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup (English Edition) ï If you ve seen the documentary, this adds waydepth to the story It goes inside Theranos and what happened during it s existence You wonder what magical powers Elisabeth Holmes had on all those Silicon Valley men andhow she managed to stay alive and afloat for so long The book gives a backstory you ll not find in the docu and it s a really interesting one A real page tuner This is a story of greed, vanity, lies, tragedy and courage of the whistleblowers, mainly.
Silicon Valley startup story goes Classic Greek tragedy Big Time.
Highest recommendation.
Ich habe selten einen so spannend und gleichzeitig h chst seri s recherchierten Wirtschaftsreport Wirtschaftskrimi in H nden gehabt.

wenn man verstehen will, wie das Silicon Valley funktioniert Das Buch ist zudem wirklich sehr gut geschrieben, ich hatte es an 2 Tagen durch V.
a der Wechsel zwischen der unglaublichen Erfolgsstory von Theranos und wie Carreyrou die Mi st nde aufgedeckt hat, ist gro artig Es erschlie t sich mir allerdings nicht, wie so viele schlaue Menschen der tiefstimmigen E.
H so lange auf den Leim gehen konnten und dass das Ding nicht fr her explodiert ist Aber gut, hinterher ist das immer leicht zu sagen Ich bin jedenfalls schon gespannt auf den Film bin mir sicher, dass es irgendwann verfilmt wird.
The book, or rather the underlying case that it chronicles is for lack of a better word bonkers Absolutely crazy.
If they had produced a movie without publishing the book in advance no one would believe this actually happened.
How Holmes misled some of the most influential and powerful men in US politics and business is mind bending.
Whenever some of the events seemed to be too outlandish I had to put the book down and search the Internet for information that would disprove some of the claims only to find information that would corroborate them.
It s wild.
Think of it as the movie The Big Short but infinitelycrazy.

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