,,, , , ,, , ,1959 , Eimi, Amy, ,, , ,, 1985 Bedtime Eyes sic1, , , Bedtime Eyes The Piano Player s Fingers 2,, , ,, , , , ,, , , , , ,1965 1960 1970 1980 ,,Generation X , , Paul Fussell , , , A propos, , Generation,,,Bedtime Eyes , , , ,, ,,, ,, , ,,,, , 11, , ,, , , , , 1 , , 2 , ,, , , ,, Amy Yamada ha fatto scandalo in Giappone con questo romanzo Si parla di sesso in modo molto esplicito, e a farlo una donna Una donna che, tra l altro, ha una torbida relazione con un soldato di colore cosa che ha fatto ancor pi parlare.
Non l ho apprezzato pi di tanto perch non mi coinvolgono particolarmente lo stile o il modo di raccontare, e la storia di per s non mi ha catturata.
Tuttavia interessante leggerlo e conoscerlo nel panorama della letteratura giapponese, specie per la rivoluzione che ha saputo dare.
Yamada Is One Of The Most Prominent And Controversial Novelists In Japan Today She Burst Onto The Scene InWith Her Short Novel Bedtime Eyes, Which For Critics Embodied The Spirit Of The Shinjinru Ie Generation X In Much The Same Way That Less Than Zero, Bright Lights, Big City, And Douglas Coupland Did In The US Bedtime Eyes Is The First English Language Publication Of Three Of Yamada S Novellas Short Novels Bedtime Eyes, The Piano Player S Fingers And Jesse While All Are Centered Around The Relationship Æ ベッドタイムアイズ ☆ Download by ☆ Amy Yamada Between A Japanese Woman And A Black American Man, Each Explores Love, Sex, And The Vast Gulf Between From Different And Equally Revealing Viewpoints Starkly Imagined And Sharply Observed, Bedtime Eyes Introduces To The English Language Some Of Yamada S Best Known And Most Influential Work This was actually 3 novellas, and the last one was actually pretty good, except for its last page or so But it was nowhere near good enough to save this book from the gutter, because the first 2 are some of the worst things I ve ever read I guess I m a little biased, but I just can t stand most feminist porn, because, I don t know, I guess I m just simple, but can anyone tell me why self identified feminists always write such blatantly abusive, masochistic sex scenes I actually can t think of a single sex scene written by a feminist writer that wasn t violent, and the women in these scenes LOVE it, like, somehow it s a show of a strong woman to enjoy getting the shit kicked out of you Here s a funny part Fuck me, you bastard I screamed You dirty bitch Leroy s fingers stopped moving He gave me a look of utter contempt I was crying now, desperate for his touch So you want me ê ベッドタイムアイズ ¿ Are Japanese people racist This book received a prize He had a great success About what is it An history of love between a Japanese woman and an American black For Japanese it is the top of the transgression A friend spoke to me about their contempt for the inhabitants of Okinawa who have dark skin Spoon, the black character has all the stereotypes robber, deserter, traitor and of course equipped with a large penis For the rest it is level of the Harlequin collection Bad novel.
Bedtime Eyes is a collection of three novellas centering on dysfunctional relationship between a Japanese woman and a Black American.
In Bedtime Eyes, erotic dancer and occasional prostitute, Kim falls in love with a black American navy deserter, Spoon, who constantly abuses her Their love affair is as real as it is cocaine fueled.
Now famous jazz musician Leroy returns to Japan to give Ruiko a test of her own medicine in the sadomasochistic story of The Piano Player s Fingers Ruiko was the dominatrix before stardom hits Leroy After years of not seeing each other, he wants the tables turned It is now Ruiko who comes to him and submits to his whims His revenge proves to have fatal consequences.
Jesse is a tale of a young woman and an eleven year old boy competing for the love of a middle aged man Coco is having a hard time pleasing her lover s son, Jesse, who often ignores he Hmm Bi t n i sao nh M t c u chuy n t nh tay ba c ng kh ng nghi ng v ng i th ba l m N ch nh y u nam ch nh r i k cho n ph nghe v n c a m nh R i l i ra n ph y u n ch nh su t t n gi R i nh m n ch nh bi t m nh y u nam ch nh nh th n o R i nam ch nh b b t l i do l qu n nh n o ng n n n ch nh m i r l ng nam ch nh Xuy n su t c u chuy n l s kh t khao t nh th ng c a m i con ng i B t u t b n n ng n c ch suy ngh v h nh ng Th t ra l c t truy n kh ng c g qu gay c n Quan tr ng l c ch t c gi mi u t t nh y u b ng t nh d c tr n tr i th i S c c gi t m th y nh ng c u ch ng i u v i suy ngh c a m nh, nh t l nh ng ngh v d c v ng m kh ng ph i ai c ng can m n i ra Nh ng m m nh kh ng th ch ki u truy n nh th n y Hay t i m nh ch a y u ai h t l ng 2.
5 For the better half of this collection of novellas the only word that I could associate with it was mediocre Too much sex talk and definitely overmuch abuse, both physical and emotional coming from both sexes But I wouldn t put this at the same level with modern western erotica romance It is without a doubt better than that There s something compelling about Yamada s writing, despite all that carnal imagery, that becomesapparent with the end of the second novella The Piano Player s Fingers and isthan evident in Jesse For me, this compelling something is her knowledge of human nature, and the apparent ease with which she explores human nature through sexuality That being said, I couldn t really stomach the abuse, at times I almost felt nauseated On top of that, the subject of the novellas is a much used one Maybe for the time written

Amy s not winning many friends by page 5 His dick wasn t the kind of disgusting, red cock that white men have, nor was it the pathetic, infantile thing of Japanese men, the kind that doesn t do a thing for you until it s inside you Is true that a Japanese guy s pubic hair islike seaweed than a white guy s The third story was a bit pointless The first two were okay if you want to read about a Japanese woman having rough sex with Black guys African American characters in Japanese literature Is someone doing a paper on this This might be the worst book I ever read in my life.

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