I loved the author and rooted for her the whole time I read the book I LOVE that she s a bitch and says things often without considering how it s going to make others feel especially since I am guilty of the same thing I especially love the part where she tells off her terrible boss I sympathized with her when she realizes that maybe a hair appointment is a luxury and not a necessity after all been there, done that The book had a casual and personal tone to it which made it easy to read and HILARIOUS My only problem with it was the fact that there were several editorial mistakes Like the word were would be in a sentence where it should say would which tells me that the whole book was spell checked but not This book is totally and completely pure entertainment There is nothing deep and profound, no message about lifewellmaybe there is a messageprehaps the message is that life is unexpected Or maybe I am reading it at a time in my life when things are happening unexpectedly I don t know I needed a fun book and this was it I thoroughly enjoyed how self centered and self involved the main character is and the descriptions of her life are, truly, laugh out loud funny It would be a great vacation read because it s easy and quick and for that reason, I would buy it at a used book store because you will be done with it in a weekend I am looking forward to reading her other books.
Is The Story Of How A Haughty Former Sorority Girl Went From Having A Household Income Of Almost A Quarter Million Dollars To Being Evicted From A Ghetto Apartment It S A Modern Greek Tragedy, As Defined By Roger Dunkle In The Classical Origins Of Western Culture A Story In Which The Central Character, Called A Tragic Protagonist Or Hero, Suffers Some Serious Misfortune Which Is Not Accidental And Therefore Meaningless, But Is Significant In That The Misfortune Is Logically Connected In Other Words [Jen Lancaster] Â Bitter is the New Black : Confessions of a Condescending, Egomaniacal, Self-Centered Smartass, Or, Why You Should Never Carry A Prada Bag to the Unemployment Office [space-opera PDF] read Online ê The Bitch Had It Coming The subtitle should actually be Or, Why Blogs Are Not books The writing is ludicrously bad at times, the characters are all thoroughly unlikeable, and I ve seen greater degrees of self awareness emerge among pre verbal children And to make matters worse, the snark seems forced and mostly unfunny.
I think that this is my last blog into book that I plan to read I ve read a few now and it has finally sunk in that a good blog does not necessarily make a decent book I live in Chicago and lived through the early 2000s lay offs so I thought I d really enjoy this book It was eh Some parts were very funny but overall the book was just sort of pointless Bitch with lots of money becomes a bitch with less money Not much growth to read about Plus, the end parts where she begins to post her blogs and her letters to her blog fans and enemies started to get really boring Plus, the footnotes were really annoying and 90% of the time they weren t funny or even necessary so I stopped reading them for the last section of the book.
Jen s ego is overwhelming and her witty comments and slams aren t interesting or even original I wanted to like it I kept trying to like it I finally This book was a total waste of time I only read it to complete an assignment A memoir written by a totally immature, obnoxious individual I threw the book in the trash It was not worth giving to The Friends of the library I was a friend by not giving it to them.
Ü Bitter is the New Black : Confessions of a Condescending, Egomaniacal, Self-Centered Smartass, Or, Why You Should Never Carry A Prada Bag to the Unemployment Office Ü I got this book from a very kind friend and read it while traveling While it was somewhat amusing and had some funny parts, I did NOT like the main character I thought she was self serving and foolish for having no self control It is based off of the author s personal story and I appreciate what she has gone through but her antics were ridiculous I couldn t identify and found the character very annoying.

Jen Lancaster s style of writing best mirrors the interior monologue that I have ongoing in my life While a memoir, I found myself laughing out loud and nodding my head in agreement throughout much of the book Her wit and humor are so similar to my own and perhaps that is why I so thoroughly enjoyed the book Her trials and tribulations as she jumped from the perils of WASPy upper class to the brink of being evicted and collecting unemployment, left me rooting for her to succeed Through her success, I guess I now have become a devotee of the Jen Lancaster fan club and eagerly look forward to reading her other book and searching her website.
I tried to get through it, but I found Jen Lancaster horrendous Obviously the title warned me she was going to be a bit annoying, but I assumed she would eventually tone down and figure out that she was a bad person After realizing she was cruel for no reason, I assumed she would redeem herself I couldn t bring myself to actually finish the book because I hated it so much, and kept cringing, so I don t know if she gets better or not For the most part, she just keeps patting herself on the back for bitchy remarks It takes a lot of guts to use the kind of insults she flings at random people, but it takes a lotcharacter to be able to keep your mouth shut I wish she had.
Ok I can not yet determine what makes meangry the fact that Jennifer wrote this book and how egotistical and boring she is, or the fact that I bought this ridiculous memoir about her pathetic life I kept waiting for it to get interesting, for my mind to buy into her musings But theI read theannoyed I became I wish I could give her some type of accolade, like the book was horrible but she is a good writer, but there is not one good thing I have to say The first chapter she rambles on about some business boat trip and doesn t explain the relevance The next chapter she is talking about a friendship that deteriorated in high school and again doesn t explain anything She writes using terms such as gag me and writes some words in ALL CAPS and italics to emphasize a point but all of these are so overused you realize that you would rather poke needles in your eye than

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