This didn t do much to change my wariness when it comes to 90s teen horror featuring vampires Harrell willfully ignores so much vampire lore I wondered why she even bothered making Rena a vampire I didn t understand the attraction the boy she was after was about as interesting as a wooden plank Boring, undeveloped characters.
This was one of the first books i ever read as a child and i loved it Since then i have been hooked on vampire love stories Thanks janice A lot sexier than your average Point Horror, and a lotvampirey too A nice departure from the faux realism of RL Stine and sort of campy with it I read this for our podcast Teenage Scream, which dissects the best and worst of 90s Teen Horror.
https soundcloud.
com teenagescream Bestselling Genres In One Fast Paced Miniseries Horror And Romance Abound In This Gripping New Miniseries From The Author Of The Secret Diaries GirlsAnd Up Will Love The First Installment Of This Two Book Tale About A Teenage Vampire, The Boy She Falls In Love With, And Her Desperate Attempt To Become Human Again Sequel To Be Released In è Blood Curse (Vampire's Love, #1) æ Download by ☆ Janice Harrell November

I picked up this series after reading Janice Harrell s other vampire series, Vampire Twins I was a little dismayed at first at how normal the book seemed to be, even though it was nice to have a main character that was a female vampire There were a lot of goofy things in this book regarding vampires, though in the end it wasn t a bad book If you re bored and able to find a copy, I d say give a look.
read this ages ago, back in the 90s, when the original Vampire Diaries caused a mini boom in vampire books The woman at the bookstore was scandalized that Scholastic books was publishing vampire fiction But this one was a dud The characters had no pop I never bothered to read the sequel.
ð Blood Curse (Vampire's Love, #1) ✓ i loved this book, it was amazing made me feel like i wanted to be her in a way i lent my copy to a friend and never got it back its a beautiful book This was a book that I enjoyed very much It has romance and vampires Whatcould you ask for

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