Estilo directo, con presentaci n de hechos pero incluyendo opiniones y argumentos personales.
Fierce, Honest, Elegant And Often Hilarious Debunking Of The Great Fallacies That Drive Modern MedicineA Deeply Fascinating And Rousing Book Mail On Sunday What Makes This Book A Delightful, If Unsettling Read, Is Not Just O Mahony S Scholarly And Witty Prose, But Also His Brutal Honesty The Times Seamus O Mahony Writes About The Illusion Of Progress, The Notion That And Diseases Can Be Conquered Ad Infinitum He Punctures The Idiocy Of Consumerism, The Idea That Healthcare Can Be Endlessly [ Pdf Can Medicine Be Cured?: The Corruption of a Profession ã technical PDF ] by Seamus O Mahony ã Adapted To The Wishes Of Individuals He Excoriates The Claims Of Big Science, The Spending Of Vast Sums On Research Follies Like The Human Genome Project And He Highlights One Of The Most Dangerous Errors Of Industrialized Medicine An Over Reliance On Metrics, And A Neglect Of Things That Can T Easily Be Measured, Like Compassion ↠´ Can Medicine Be Cured?: The Corruption of a Profession ↠´ Lo relata una persona con un largo conocimiento de la parte de atras de la investigacion biomedica.

A necessary reading to counter the persuasive strategies of 21st century scientific supremacism and biomedical research industry Also very recommendable the article recently published by the author in The Lancet.
Describe con crudeza y claridad c mo ha afectado a la pr ctica m dica la industrializaci n de la medicina.

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