First i need book 2 now,i need to know what happen next,i need to see Alex and olivia HEA,second i swear same author are sadistic,Damn and damn you cliffy,after that ending this is me right now Olivia Lulu,Lou,Livi just killed a man in her apartment,she know that the only men how will help her is Alessandro D Angelo her first love, and the men how broke her heart in million pieces.
Olivia had bad and hard childhood,with her alcoholic mother who doesn t care for her,things to get even worst her mother become the mistress of the italian mob boss Silvio.
They move in his house where Olivia is constantly ignored by her mother and abused by Silvio.
Alone and frightened she finds comfort in the only son of Silvio Alex.
Alex know that he should hate Olivia and her mother after all Silvio brings them in his house after only two days after the deat Is The Unwilling Heir Of A Chicago Crime Family Intent On Leaving The Life Set Out For Him, He Decides To Run As Fast And As Far Away As Possible His Plans Crumble When One Girl Crash Lands In His Life He Should Hate The Daughter Of His Father S Mistress, But It S Near Impossible When He Finds That They Are Alike In Ways Than OneOlivia Grew Up Watching Men Walk In And Out Of Her Mother S Life Download Epub Format Ö Covert (Chicago Angels, #1) PDF by Ö G.
Moore When One Man Finally Decides To Stay, She Learns That Crime Lords Don T Leave Until Someone S Dead Olivia S Salvation Comes From The Person She Least Expects His Son Six Years Later, Olivia And Alessandro Are Reunited When Her Life Is Threatened If Time Has Proven One Thing, It S That Repeating Their Parents Mistakes Seems InevitableIn A World Where Friendship Is A Luxury And Love A Death Sentence, Two Unlikely Lovers Find Each Other Only To Be Separated By Their Cruel Reality I really want to knock a star off for the end because I hated it but to be perfectly honest, this book was amazing I couldn t put it down I m seriously addicted to mafia romances There s just something about the guys that strikes a chord with me Maybe it s their combination of being alpha males and going for revenge on the bad guys that threaten or hurt their women But either way, from page one, Alex was perfect I loved every moment of him Olivia aka Lou aka Lou Lou aka Livi.
wellI hadissue with her I liked her and felt for her in what she d been through and survived but there were many times that I also thought the current day Livi was TSTL I just didn t get her In theory, I agree with her that she need Damn this is cliffhanger where you would want to know what s going to happen next.
Okay the book felt a little off in the beginning and then a few chapters in BAM it unravels with so maaaany twists and turns that for me it s total angst when feelings aren t been genuine so this is me when I read Alessandro and Olivia s feelingsBook 2 where are you I am going to start by telling you to DROP what you are doing and pick up this book For a debut novel I was blown away and I m going to mandate that everyone reads it ASAP I was NOT disappointed in this book at all Set in Chicago we follow the story of Alessandro aka Alex and Olivia aka Livi Lulu Their pasts were thrown together, torn apart, and now they are back in each other s lives I should ve know the past would catch up to me he would always catch up with me This story will keep you on the edge of your seat There are bad guys and hot sex, there are good girls and straight up bitches, there is shady business and good friends The most prominent aspect for me was the love and hatred that Alex and Lulu share for each other.
it made this story so muchintense What do you sat to the woman that haunts your dreams and stars in your worst nightmares I wanted to slap him or kiss him sens Æ Covert (Chicago Angels, #1) Æ This suspenseful romance grabbed me from the beginning and kept me up into the wee hours of the night reading The story begins with great action, and the author does an excellent job of keeping the reader on the edge of their seat The backstory is revealed perfectly throughout the story between action packed scenes and steamy romance, only giving you enough to keep you wanting .
Alex is the domineering hero that you want to hate, but can t help but love Lulu, is the vulnerable heroine who has gone through hell and back, but keeps on fighting.
Alex and Lulu have explosive chemistry, evident by the first time they are in the same room together.
Loved this story and can t wait to read the next installment Powerful Bellissima.

3 Stars This is book 1 in the Chicago Angels Series by G.
Moore and consists of a cliffhanger which will either make you want to beg the author for the next book or bang your head against a wall.
This is G.
Moore s debut novel and I think she did a good job in reeling the reader in and wanting to read on to see how things will work out.
I love mafia romance so when I was offered an arc of this one I jumped at the chance.
I didn t know how it would go and didn t read any reviews before reading it since There were parts that I enjoyed and parts I didn t which is normal with every book I guess I really liked the fact that the book starts off with a bang since I love fast paced beginnings, something that draws you in and 3.
5 starsTitle CovertSeries Chicago Angels 1Author G.
K MooreRelease date December 2, 2014Rating 3.
5 starsCliffhanger Yes HEA view spoiler No hide spoiler ARC Sign up HERE I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you 3 3.
5 stars Unexpected first love Secret agendas Devious motives Betrayal Devastation And heartbreaking loss Welcome to the world of G.
K Moore s Covet.
As the book debut from this author, I was actually quite surprised at how much I liked it Covet was interesting, it was baffling, and it made me want to covet these characters into a love cocoon and never let them escape to life s obscurities While Alessandro battles with his demons and quenching to rise up and take what s his, we see him struggling to battle with what is expected of him, his own ploys for power and control, and what he truly wants and desires.
Will he be able to hold on to Olivia Or will he have to let her go and sacr

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