Frater has captured India s emotion filled response to this fantastic phenomenon There are paragraphs that leave you feeling drenched and free It is a refreshing travelogue with a lot of humour, facts, incidents and conversations spanning India and its people from Kanyakumari to Cherrapunji Yes, that s what he has done after welcoming the bursts at Trivandrum he has followed the south west arm of the Monsoon culminating this unique experience at Cherrapunji where he finally meets up with the eastern arm of the Monsoon I loved this book We found it in a stack of books marked free on someone s lawn as we walked home from the market We liked the look of the cover and because it is a Penguin book decided to give it a try We Couldn t Put It Down.
Half memoir, half travel diary, it is wonderfully paced How wonderful to get a completely different view of rain At one point in Bombay, there is a lovely picture of a little girl leaping around in the pouring rain and happily calling to her father, I m cold I m cold Ha I wonder if this girl now travels in the summer to distant places so she can be cold the way we northerners seek out tropical beaches when cold snowy winds are howling Mostly, the book is about weather, visas, the Indian people and the fabulous adventure of getting from place to place in India But because I have a one track mind I was par Fascinating And Revealing Story Of Frater S Journey Through India In Pursuit Of The Astonishing Indian Summer Monsoon On Th May The Indian Summer Monsoon Will Begin To Envelop The Country In Two Great Wet Arms, One Coming From The East, The Other From The West They Are United Over Central India Around Th July, A Date That Can Be Calculated Within Seven Or Eight Days Frater Aims To Follow The Monsoon, Staying Sometimes Behind It, Sometimes In Front Of It, And Everywhere Watching ✓ Chasing the Monsoon ì Download by à Alexander Frater The Impact Of This Extraordinary Phenomenon During The Anxious Period Of Waiting, The Weather Forecaster Is King, Consulted By Pie Crested Cockatoos, And A Joyful Period Ensues There Is A Period Of Promiscuity, And Scandals Proliferate Frater S Journey Takes Him To Bangkok And The Cowboy Town On The Thai Malaysian Border To Rangoon And Akyab In Burma Where The Front Funnels Up Between The Mountains And The Sea Alexander Frater S Fascinating Narrative Reveals The Exotic, Often Startling Discoveries Of An Ambitious And Irresistibly Romantic Adventure Chasing the Monsoon is a wonderful travelogue It was published in the United States in 1990, but I think the author Alexander Frater journeyed to India in 1987 Frater was on a mission to follow the onset of the Monsoon up the western coast of India, from Trivandrum to Bombay, then crossing to Delhi and Calcutta, to finish in Cherrapunji I realize these cities all have undergone spelling changes, but I will use the names Frater uses in his travels.
The trip to India was one undergone because of a health scare Frater had injured his neck on a rough road across western China Most London doctors believed if he re injured his neck, he might be permanently paralyzed Initially very depressed, he eventually faced down his fears of possibly damaging his neck inadvertently at some point in the future after he stru I enjoyed book, without pushing on to a 5 a lot of reviewers loved it, which had given me high expectations , but it was easy to read, and passed on information in a comfortable way.
Not only writing about his travel in India, travelling with the monsoon, starting in Kerala, moving north and ending Cherrapunji Meghalaya the author also writes a lot about his early life in Vanuatu the New Hebrides, as it was called at the time , with his father and grandfather, who were prominent figures there.
He meets interesting people, he visits someout of the way sights, he talks about the monsoon It is interesting for the fact he doesn t resort to repeating himself too much I mean, it is a book about the monsoon, so yes he talks about that a lotFor me his bureaucra Chasing the Monsoon is a travel book by Alexander Frater where he describes his journey through India following the Indian monsoon Travelling through many states and cities, he tells the stories of the people whose lives are touched upon by the monsoons In a parallel track, he describes his childhood and how he inherited an interest towards nature and meteorology from his father and grand father Frater starts in Trivandrum, Kerala where the monsoon arrives first and then moves upwards Being from Kerala and having been there during that time I could experience the thrill and joy of Keralites before the arrival of monsoons which Frater describes in the book He witnesses the country s first monsoon showers in the beautiful Kovalam beach The beauty of God s own country is magnified by the monsoons and Frater s attempt to portray them is com ↠´ Chasing the Monsoon à Chasing the Monsoon by Alexander Frater was an enjoyable travel book, one that I read in just a few days The author s intention, as one might guess from the title, was to follow the progress of the summer monsoon through India, beginning in the southernmost tip of the subcontinent, Cape Comorin, and following its progress up the west coast through Trivandrum, Calicut, Goa, and Bombay, then jetting over to Delhi, and then to experience the eastern arm of the monsoon there are two arms, one in the east of India, one in the west in Calcutta and in two places near Bangladesh, Shillong and Cherrapunji there was a map illustrating his route.
Frater began the book discussing his childhood in the New Hebrides, a group of islands in the South Pacific jointly administered at one time by both France and the United Kingdom, how growing up his missionary I am impressed by the amount of information that Alexander Frater tucks into this book, which reads like a gripping story His information is from a variety of sources ranging from ancient historical works to facts shared by aircraft pilots who bravely fly through a monsoon This book made me look back with nostalgia I ve been to all the places that Alex has been to in his pursuit of the monsoon and forward with excitement the monsoon should begin any time now I also learned that the bottle of orange honey someone gifted me at Cherrapunji is also used to embalm bodies when the monsoon is so thick and it s difficult to bury the dead I use it to flavour oatmeal.

I have read this book several times, usually as a summer read at the beach, and each time I am transported to alluring and exotic places and times by Frater s colorful descriptions and lyrical prose The binding of my original copy is broken, with the pages stained with sweat, tanning oil, seawater, sand and muck secured between the covers by means of a large rubber band Yet the experience of reading the battered pages while sweltering in the heat and humidity of a summer s day along the Florida coast only amplifies the gritty beauty of India and the air of anxious anticipation for the arrival of the monsoon rains Truly a brilliant and inspiring travelogue An affectionate romp through India as refreshing as a monsoon burst after the heat of summer Frater has all of V.
S Naipaul s ear for dialog and eye for telling little details, without the cynicism and bitterness I love books that focus on one weird theme and then mix in people, places, history and science This one was great fun and sometimes surprisingly moving Chasing the Monsoon is the third travelog type book I ve read for the HBC India Challenge, all based on trips made during the late 1980s, and I m now convinced that authors find the India and the people they are looking for and with over a billion square miles of territory and 1.
2 billion people to choose from, that is probably to be expected V.
S Naipau

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