The Spring Of , The Father Of China S Strategic Missile Program, Qian Xuesen, Told Colleagues That China Must Steel Itself For A Century Of Sustained Intellectual Warfare His Use Of A Military Metaphor Was Not A Linguistic Quirk, But Reflected The Central Role Of The Military In China S Emergence As A Modern State, Especially In The Period Since The Establishment Of The People S Republic Of China InOver The Course Of The Communist Era, A Uniquely Military Approach To China S Development Became [Evan Feigenbaum] ¾ China's Techno-Warriors: National Security and Strategic Competition from the Nuclear to the Information Age [occult PDF] read Online ✓ Embedded In The Ideologies Of The Country S Political Leadership, In Policy Choices About National Security And Economic Development, And In The Organizational Solutions Adopted To Put These Policies Into PracticeThis Book Tells The Story Of How And Why The Chinese Military Came To Play Such A Powerful Role In China S Economic And Institutional Development It Weaves Together Four Stories Chinese Views Of Technology Since , The Role Of The Military In China S Political And Economic Life, The Evolution Of Open And Flexible Conceptions Of Public Management In China, And The Technological Dimensions Of The Rise Of Chinese PowerBut The Book Primarily Explores And Explains A Paradox This Military Approach To Technology And Development Emerged During China S Period Of Greatest External Threat, Yet These Policies And Management Methods Persist Even As China Enjoys Perhaps Its Most Benign Strategic Environment Since The S

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