5 StarsWhat an absolutely delightful read.
While this wasn't the normal romance type book that I read, it has far surpassed a lot of books that I have read lately.
Wonderful characters and an equally wonderful story.
Thanks to Tailtiu for recommending it to me and reminding me that I still needed to read it.
I cannot express just how adorable this story was, it was so incredibly sweet.

Ladder Rung is a halfbreed Brownie who is forced out of the orphanage because he didn't clean to the other Brownies' standard and has to make his own way in the world.
He ends up hiding in the castle which has forbidden any Brownies living there because of their obsessive and intrusive cleaning habits.

Reading about Rung's struggle to not clean things was just so much fun it had me laughing.
I really loved how things worked out for him he was so cute.
While this is an MM it's a very subtle one with just a kiss and expectations which perfectly suited this story and characters.
So much fun and I really recom Bestiary Cleanly Wrong Mell Eight Ebook EPubThe Bestiary, Cleanly Wrong, Mell Eight, Auto Dition Des Milliers De Livres Avec La Livraison Chez Vous Enjour Ou En Magasin Avec % De Rduction Cleanly Wrong By Mell Eight Goodreads He Is In The Orphanage And Continually Fails His Cleaning Exams Due To His Insistence On Cleaning Wrong He Is Picked On And Bullied, Called Wrong Even By His Teachers He Is An Abused Brownie And It Made Me Sad When [ Pdf Cleanly Wrong » leadership PDF ] by Mell Eight Ú Another Brownie, Sewing Needle, One Of The Biggest Bullies Around, Informs Rung That He Will Most Likely Be Killed Due To Cleanly Wrong Eight Mell Download Cleanly Wrong Eight Mell Language English ISBN File EPUB,MB Send To Kindle Or Email Please Login To Your Account First Need Help Please read Our Short Guide How To Send A Book To Kindle Save For Later Post A Review You Can Write A Book Review And Share Your Experiences Other Readers Will Always Be Interested In Your Opinion Of The books You Ve ReadClean As A Whistle Vs Dead Wrong Cleanly DJ Merk Aka Mr Outbreak Radio In The Airplane Making A Remix On The Way To New York Ricochett Clean As A Whistle Vs Notorious BIG Dead Wrong Cleanly Wrong Is Cleanly Adorable The NovelPerhaps It Is Only Human Nature To Inflict Suffering On Anything That Will Endure Suffering Honor De Balzac Poor Ladder Rung, Bless His Heart, Is Not Being The Best Brownie He Should Be, But He S Being The Best He Can Be, Which Is The Most Anyone Is Capable Of, Brownie Or Not He S Not Cleanly Wrong By Mell Eight PP Releaselog Cleanly Wrong By Mell Eight Bestiary,PP Englishpages EPUBKB Download Uploadocean Suprafiles NTi CommentsPrevious Post Victorian Investments By Nancy Henry PP Next Post Joeys Choice By Piper Kay PP Comments Feel Free To Post Your Cleanly Wrong By Mell Eight PP Torrent, Subtitles, Samples, Free Download, Quality, NFO, Rapidshare, Depositfiles, UploadedMell Eight Cleanly Wrong Teachers PDF ReadMell Eight Cleanly Wrong Teachers PDF read OnlineStars What An Absolutely Delightful read While This Wasn T The Normal Romance CLEANLY Signification, Dfinition Dans Le Dictionnairecleanly Dfinition, Signification, Ce Qu Est Cleanlyfairly And Honestlywith Smooth Straight Edgesequally En Savoir Plus Cleanly Traduction En Franais Exemples AnglaisSlice Cleanly Through Your Pizza, Cutting Perfect Slices Each And Every Time Tranchez Proprement Votre Pizza, Couper Des Tranches Parfaites Chaque Fois Repeat This Seriestimes, Trying To Return The Ball As Cleanly As Possible Rptez Cette Squencefois En Tentant De Renvoyer Le Ballon Le Plus Proprement Possible Conventional Mousetraps Often Require Poison, Do Not Catch CleanlyCleanly Definition Of Cleanly At Dictionary Cleanly Definition, Personally Neat Careful To Keep Or Make Clean The Cat Is By Nature A Cleanly Animal See Amongst a sea of m/m adult reads this sweet little gem is a breath of fresh air.
I love that it's cute and innocent enough to be read to any youngster who loves a fairy story but I also love that it has the underlying message that romance doesn't always have to be a prince and a princess but its fine to have a prince and another male character find love as well, its very subtle between Rung and the prince but its there! .
I would hope that parents would find this a way of feeding a child's imagination at the same time as teaching sensitivity and tolerance to same sex relationships in a way appropriate to the child's age.
If we start letting them know at an early stage in their lives that this is normal for others, or possibly them if that be the case, then hopefully there will be less young people struggling to come to terms with their own sexuali While I would say this is not a romance or love story, I would say it's a cute little gem and worth reading.

Ladder Rung is a brownie, well a half brownie at least, he doesn't fit in at the orphanage/school he has grown up at.

Abused and mistreated there, he isn't like all the other brownies, so when he has to escape and make his way in the world alone, he ends up somewhere he really shouldn't be.

There is some intrigue and a definite improvement for Rung and he has found a home where he is appreciated and his differentness is actually a good thing and makes him special and unique and not a misfit.
85 stars rounded up

I have never read anything by Mell Eight beforeso I must thank several people who brought this title to my timeline for the past several days (Mandy, Deeze, Heller, Karenna).
It was their positive reviews that made me curious (ah, the JOY of Goodreads, no?).

I found this story to be quite charming.
It was more like children's fairy tale rather than romance.
We have Ladder Rung, an orphan halfBrownie, who doesn't fit with the 'rules' and 'necessities' of being a good Brownie.
His teachers always chastise him (and the way he organizes things) even call him "Wrong".

I thought Rung was just sweet and lovely.
I also have this 'system' in my head to organize my thingswhich might not always make sense to others but it does to m ä Cleanly Wrong ✓ You just want to pick this book up and squeeze it and pinch its cheeks, it's so damn cute.

4,5 stars
My favourite story in the bundle.

Rung is very sweet and is bullied by his peers and teachers.
After a particular bad day, one of the other students tells him, that since he is such an embarrassment as a brownie, the Orphanage and the Council, will probably kill him and helps Rung flee the Orphanage.
At the same time Rung heard of the human Prince decree, that no brownie is to enter the palace, the prince thanked all that tried to clean up his rooms and this way dismissed them.
(Thanking a brownie, if done by his employer is equal to dismissal.
) Therefore Rung decides to live in the palace, where no one of his kind will find him, since they are not allowed there.
Of course a brownie cannot go against his nature and so he starts doing small things in the place where he lives, but not in the usual brownie way, he sorts things not alphabeticall 4.
35 stars
Loved it, an adorable and sweetly endearing feelgood story, best of all the underdog comes up trumps.
Ladder Rung is another wonderful little character.
A half breed brownie with a special way of keeping things clean, Rung is hoodwinked into leaving the orphanage by the spiteful, bullying Sewing Needle (love the names).
He finds his way to the castle where he settles down and his skills can be put to good use.
I couldn't help laughing at his attempts "not to clean" Prince Lionel's pigsty of a bedroom and office.
He's a darling and too cute to resist, thanks to Tailtiu for the gentle shove, recommended! An adorably cute sweet little story.
One I will revisit when in need of a pick me up read.

Kinda almost took me back to my childhood days of Brownies and pixies and all things Enid Blyton lol.

ETAIt's impossible for me to explain why I love this little fic so much.
It's just so cute and adorable with just a touch of angst.
I love it as much on re reading, in fact I'm upping the stars.
This deserves the full 5 even though its far too short lol.

ETALike Tori I never get tired of reading about Ladder Rung.
He is just too cute

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