A very brief, but sound survey of the issues confronting the nascent Confederate Navy s attempts to construct warships for the defense of the Southern Confederacy Highlights the shortages in material, labor, and transportation that contributed to the South s failure to construct a credible navy.
Still puts in a solid entry to the body of works on the Confederate Navy with this book It s brief, so it doesn t delve into too much detail, but provides a good overview of the many challenges that Confederate shipbuilding faced A liberal sprinkling of shipwrights plans of Confederate ironclads throughout the text is a nice touch This book would serve as a good introduction to the subject it covers, and while it includes some on non ironclad shipbuilding, this book is really eclipsed by Still scomprehensive Iron Afloat.
Confederate Shipbuilding (Studies in Maritime History) ✓ Still suggests that it was not the absence of ship building facilities that doomed the Confederate Navy or a lack of foundries, iron works or armament works It was a lack of ability to get the iron and coal out of the ground fast enough and a lack of rolling stock to move resources and finished materials around The success of the Union blockade forced the Confederates to disperse their facities and place them as far inland as possiblewhich led to further logistics and transportation problems.
Work Covers The Real Grounds For The Confederacy S Failure To Build A Successful Navy The South S Major Problems With Shipbuilding Concerned Facilities, Materials, And Labour Each Of These Subjects Is Discussed, And The Text Concludes By Joining These Problems To The Issues Of The Civil ✓ Confederate Shipbuilding (Studies in Maritime History) ✓ Download by ↠´ William N.
Still Jr.

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