Contains a few good nuggets of insight into the mind of Derren Brown but there are far too many digressions into seemingly pointless rambles monster munch anyone whilst I m sure many of them served a cathartic purpose for the author in ways the ordinary reader can have no way of knowing, for me they served no purpose and added nothing to my enjoyment.
really tried here, the man is a brilliant performer, but he shouldn t write the language is fine, the observations acute, but after an hour s reading had no idea what he was on about just bad.
Inside Of Derren Brown S Head Is A Strange And Mysterious Place Now You Can Climb Inside And Wander Around Find Out Just How Derren S Mind Works, See What Motivates Him And Discover What Made Him The Weird And Wonderful Person He Is TodayObsessed With Magic And Illusions Since Childhood, Derren S Life To Date Has Been An Extraordinary Journey And Here, In Confessions Of A Conjuror, He Allows Us All To Join Him On A Magical Mystery Tour To The Centre Of His ✓ read Confessions of a Conjuror by Derren Brown ã Brain Taking As His Starting Point The Various Stages Of A Conjuring Trick He S Performing In A Crowded Restaurant, Derren S Endlessly Engaging Narrative Wanders Through Subjects From All Points Of The Compass, From The History Of Magic And The Fundamentals Of Psychology To The Joys Of Internet Shopping And The Proper Use Of Parmesan CheeseBrilliant, Hilarious And Entirely Unlike Anything Else You Have Ever read Before, Memoirs Of A Mentalist Is A Complete And Utter Joy I kind of struggled with this book when I started The whole thing seemed very disjointed, and he would flit from topic to topic with baffling segues The language as well hit me as a bit over the top, wordy in a Dickensian way.
But all that changed as I continued to read the book and I realised I was expecting the wrong thing from it It is a hard book to define, memoirs only begins to cover it, but once I stopped trying to pigeonhole it, it became a much better read for me I was very impressed with how Derren Brown was willing to bear all on the page, discussing things such as his propensity for nose picking or having a little tidy up as he euphemistically called it And my initial misgivings about the language he was using f É Confessions of a Conjuror È Derren Brown is one of my favorite people, so of course I highly enjoyed this book it is actually one of my favorites What s so great about this book is the way it s constructed because it is not a conventional kind of autobiography Derren Brown performs magnificent mental tricks and illusions, so he s very aware of himself and very self analytical in the way he tells his story I found that aspect to be very relatable, and I think others who identify with being socially awkward, introspective and curious can also relate to his story The way he illuminates his own psyche with examples, and the thought processes of why some people can act a certain way, gives the reader the tools to try and understand their own quirks This book is a strange balance of personal stories, psychol Reads like a 300 page mind spill with very little chronology or navigation Not sure if that was the intention but I lost interest after two thirds of the book There s only so long I can read about obsessive compulsive thoughts on pens, bathroom songs, and smooth kitchen surfaces.
I picked this up pretty much at random from the library I m not a big fan of autobiography and, since I don t watch a lot of TV, I actually know DerrenBrownfrom twitter waiting to see how quickly that dates this Far from the usual One glorious day, the world was immeasurably improved by my birth, little suspecting at the time that I would achieve world domination or not for 5 minutes if that , followed by lots of baby photos of a teenage X Factor runner up who can t really tell you muchthan that they went to school and now sing a bit , Brown completely eschews a chronological approach to autobiography He entwines personal anecdotes, psychological insights and instructions for preparing a perfect poached egg wi Derren, I love your work, but this book is only getting 3 stars from me, sorry.
It s structure is interesting it centres round a card trick played in his early career in a restaurant However it veers off in amillion different directions, with the narrative returning to the trick now and again, for some sort of linear structure.
The asides are often interesting, give a good insight into Derren Brown s apparoach to life and people, but often seem too random and haphazard.
My real gripe, and the reason this gets 3, not 4 stars, is the use of footnotes They simply began to itrritate me The book goes off on a tangent, which tehn includes a footnote, off on another tangent, which can spread across two or three other pages.
That said, there are some insightfu

I m a big Derren Brown fan I watch him on TV, I ve seen him live, I ve read stuff he s written and even fleetingly met him So I was pleased to find a copy of this book under the Christmas tree.
Proust starts with a madeleine Brown starts with a pack of cards But both use this as a jumping off point for a stream of introspection that takes them through their lives We learn of Derren s childhood, how he got into magic, where he lives, what his favourite playing cards are, even the books he keeps in his loo We learn evenintimate details too, sometimes bordering on Too Much Information And we get his opinions on everything from the existence of God to the importance of kindness in daily life.
Derren Brown being, I think, a genuinely kind man or so a friend who s met him less fleetingly than me assures me and intelligent and reasonably well informed, I enjoyed reading hi Then I woke up Then I died Some thoughts that crossed my mind while reading this Derren s really waffling on about nothing here Is this padding or is it priming the reader for something Derren has a quite strong form of OCD, even if he keeps saying he doesn t really have a problem His OCD type behaviour is probably what makes him such a great magician artist showman etc Blimey, he s so pompous He s clearly bragging but pretending he s casually mentioning something I could learn a lot from Derren Haha, I ve done that myself WTF, the man is unhinged As a reader I was interested in reading about his life, so wasn t disappointed by any lack of how to do tricks as others were As an autobiography, it s quite haphazardly told in a stream of consciousness with no semblance of chronology I didn t really mind that though After reading, Derren seemshuman fallible flawed now, which is per

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