Jay city boy extraordinaireJay was recently laid off from his marketing job in New York He s desperate to find work so he can support his small family He s taken on the role of provider for his sister and her two kids After many unsuccessful attempts at landing a new job in the city he answers an ad for a business manager and marketing director at a dude ranch in Montana Nate gruff cowboy alpha maleNate is co owner of Crooked Tree Ranch, a dude ranch that has been in his family for generations After a meeting with one of his partners in which he s informed they are on the down slope to going under he agrees to hire someone to come in and revamp the ranch and hopefully garner business He never expected someone li Another RJ favourite for me.
Crooked Tree Ranch is the first book in the new Montana series by RJ Scott and let me just say, I adored it I m a huge fan of cowboys so this was definitely my thing.
I loved the build up to everything Nate and Jay don t meet straight away But that gives us a nice bit of background and character introduction Two things that I really loved in this book We also had a chance to get to know the characters Everything started out really well, which was a really good thing.
It s unusual for me to adore kids in books Here, though, I adored them Kirsten and Josh were really great Kirsten, the teenager, definitely won me over straight away She wasn t the perfect, preppy kid Josh was adorable and I felt both he and his sister complimented Jay He was such a dad to them It was definitely c

75 rounded up The start of a new cowboy series and a very nice, sweet read I loved the friction between Jay and Nate when they first met and the fact that it built up some good tension in the early stage of their relationship There s a few story lines and mysteries brewing in the background which I can see coming into the series as it progresses so I m definitely going to keep reading I like the family theme running through and there s some interesting characters in there that I m sure we ll come to know and love It takes a while before the two guys finally get together, and the love scenes are fairly spaced out but that doesn t really matter as the story has enough threads going on to keep you invested There s Jays family and their problems concerning his sister, her abusive ex and her kids and the backstory and ongoing conflicts surrounding Nate, hi An enjoyable read with cowboys, horses, the Montana mountains, and families.
Jay takes care of his sister and her 2 children and decides to take a marketing job in a ranch after being fired and wanting to put some distance between his family and his sister s abusive ex There, he meets one of the owners of the ranch, Nate, and his brothers.
The cute city boy meets the grumbling cowboy It s sweet, full of nice feelings For a short story, it s entertaining, even though with no surprises, and leads the way to other romances at the ranch PS this is a nice gift from an unknown elf during the SS exchange Thank you, anonymous Elf It seems that any book R.
J Scott writes about cowboys draws me in I really enjoyed this short story about a cowboy running a failing ranch and a city boy who comes to help.
First off.
Nate He definitely doesn t mix words and sometimes doesn t say the right things, but I absolutely adored him Especially the way he was with his little brothers.
Jay had an edge to him and was sometimes cocky, but as with Nate, I loved the way he was with his sister I love books that put two explosive personalities together where the first meeting is a disaster and then it builds from that point It s one of my favorite types of books to read The ending did feel slightly rushed, but it was a short story so it is what it is I loved it none the less and will definitely be reading the second book This story was very sweet and satisfying It wasn t overly dramatic and angsty but it was emotionally engaging enough that I listened to the book in one day I have to be honest, I am on the fence about Sean Crisden, but his narration of this story was spot on The author told the story in a dual POV and the voices the narrator used for the characters fit my image of them This one was one of Sean Crisden s better performances Jay Sullivan worked for a marketing firm while taking care of his sister Ashley who has a history of falling in love with abusive guys Currently, Jay was standing as a male figure for his 15 year old niece Kristen and 6 year old nephew Josh as Ashley s husband was serving time in jail for abusing them When Jay is laid off from his firm, coupled with Ashley s husband was released fr æ Crooked Tree Ranch æ I love starting a series from RJ Scott because I know I m going to get a well crafted tale of family and romance with a side order of steamy encounters and a little bit of humour.
Montana is no different and this relatively short opener sets all the scene without ever being a wall of exposition We see Jay and Nate connecting and falling for each other, we see Gabe and Ashley doing the same.
There s tensions enough to stop the narrative all being one tone but they re the every day life kind, not mad dramady or unbelievable events.
I can t wait to find out ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.
25 starsI have mixed feelings about this book I love this author and pretty much have read most of her stories, so when a new series came out, especially with my favorite, cowboys, it was an auto buy for me.
I enjoyed the book, however unlike others by this author, this one was very slow going for me I kept wanting it to move along I realize that this is the first in a new series and the characters need to be set up and the background given, I understand and appreciate that but it just seemed to take a little too long and I was getting frustrated I liked the sense of family with this series and really liked the Todd brothers, so Gabe and Luke Nate grew on me a little, but I really didn t like him in the beginning, I felt he was just a jerk for the sake of it, n Todd Knows Things Have To Change For Crooked Tree To Survive He Just Doesn T Know How Much Of An Effect Jay Sullivan Will Have On His LifeOn The Spur Of The Moment, With His Life Collapsing Around Him, Jay Sullivan Answers An Ad For A Marketing Expert On A Dude Ranch In Montana With His Small Family, He Moves Lock, Stock And Barrel From New York To Montana To Start A New LifeForeman And Owner Of A Third Of The Ranch, Ex Rodeo Star ↠´ Crooked Tree Ranch ò Download by ↠´ R.
Scott Nathaniel Nate Todd Has Been Running Crooked Tree Ranch His Partners In The Business Convince Him That He Needs To Get An Expert In To Help The Ranch Survive He Knows Things Have To Change, But When The New Guy Turns Up, With A Troubled Family In Tow, He Just Isn T Prepared For How Much 3.
5Start of a new series I d read On a bit of cowboy kick lately and this definitely delivers A struggling Montana dude ranch hires a marketing expert from New York City This focuses quite a bit on the marketing strategies which I found interesting There are a few mysteries alluded to in the story so I m curious to see where the other books in the series go.

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