Dangerous Games is the third and last book of the Dangerous Beauty series by JT Geissinger You must read the first two books before this one since they re interconnected.
The second book Dangerous Desires ended with a huge cliffhanger that promised lots of actions and suspenseful events in this last instalment And sure enough, JT did not disappoint us by delivering an emotional roller coaster, a heart pounding thriller that was packed with pain and bravery For the first time since this series started, we got to witness first hand the absolute cruelty and brutality of the sickest and most devilish villain ever So beware of the violence on the page, all the pain that Eva went through to survive him was so palpable, it almost made me cringe On the bright side, the love hate bromance between Killian and Naz was just too adorable, and their banter was fun to read K ARC received for reviewFinally the ending to Naz and Eva s story Dimitri is truly nasty, mean, and evil Loved where Eva s help came from especially after all she endures at Dimitri s hand, but it took too long for her to be free Great ending and epilogue to their story, even if it did take three books to get there.
Who the heck is Killian really Is he going to get a HEA And he s got a view spoiler twin hide spoiler Game Isn T Over Until Somebody DiesEva Knows What It S Like To Be Imprisoned By A Man S Twisted Obsessions But After Running, Hiding, And Finding Refuge In A Rescuer S Arms, She S Suddenly Pulled Back Into The Black Hole Of Her Past Kidnapped By Her Sadistic Ex, Dimitri, And With The Love Of Her Life Left For Dead, Eva Is Facing Down The Worst Of Her Demons AloneIf Dimitri Wants To Play Sick Games, Eva S Ready She Already Knows How Dark They Can Get ã Dangerous Games (Dangerous Beauty, #3) ✓ Download by ã J.
Geissinger But Despite Her Fears, She Hasn T Been Abandoned Naz Is In Hot Pursuit And The Last Thing Dimitri Expects Is For A Dead Man To Come Calling For Eva And Naz, Worlds Apart Yet Bound By Fierce And Unbreakable Passion, It S Time To Beat The DevilTo Do It They Ll Have To Be Just As Ruthless, Seductive, And Cunning With Every Pulse Of The Heart, They Must Risk It All To Play Dimitri S Final Game To Its Harrowing End And Win What an absolutely thrilling ending to this trilogy This picks up right where book 2 ends Eva is caught up in a nightmare of epic proportions and this story races by at breakneck speed as Dimitri makes his moveWe can try to bury the past, but some corpses refuse to lie quietly in their gravesThere is so much angst and despair, but through it all, Eva rises to the challenge to become one of the strongest heroines I think I ve ever read She faces headon all that is thrown at her and holds fast to her faith and with it her need for vengeanceAnd oh, what a dangerous game I m playing What a dark, dangerous gameWhile this couple are separated through the majority of this book, there is never a doubt that you re still readi We get and epilogue And hottie killian in it Yaya fan of him honestly That wasn t suppose to be But I can t take Naz with his growls like come on Anyway this whole trilogy was ok for me I m too picky I guess.
ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Á Dangerous Games (Dangerous Beauty, #3) Á I m not usually a fan of trilogies because I find each book lacks in length, substance and depth I m happy to say that I didn t find this with the Dangerous trilogy at all While you absolutely must read them in order, each book holds its own to come together with a dynamite conclusion This book had a different feel again from its two predecessors, with a lot of the story having Naz and Eva apart Surprisingly, this didn t annoy me because the novel was written well with this author s characteristic humour, action and well paced story telling.
Without revealing too much, the story picks straight up where Dangerous Desires left off and the book hits the ground running Eva has Dimitri and his band of merry men waiting at her doorstep, but whereas the Evalina of old would have succumbed to her former oppressor s comma To say this final book is action packed would be an understatement, folks Here s a couple pieces of advice 1 Better brace yourself for some very graphic abuse mental and physical inflicted upon this already been to hell and back before heroine I actually wish some of that had been less frequent reigned in 2 read the books in order This book is not meant to be a stand alone 3 Prepare to be evenswept off your feet by the love this main couple have for each other Each book keeps solidifying that bond, even when they have been parted against their will It is an epic, undying kind of love If steam is your thing, well, you certainly get some up close and personal smexiness late in the story line Naz is once again determined not to give up on his Eva He proves over and over he ll put his life and heart on the line to keep his la

This whole series has been like one big action movie that has had my heart pounding the whole way through I can t see anyone getting bored On top of that action was such a beautiful love story Naz far exceeded what I thought we were going to get from him When he falls, he falls hard He is exactly what Eva deserves after years of being held prisoner with that monster We got to see some of what that monster was capable of in this book and let me tell you, it was not easy to read I wanted to annihilate Demetri I wanted to hurt him back as badly as he hurts women and I think I would have been capable of it if I was faced with a monster like him I won t call him a man He doesn t deserve that title.
Killian was such a good surprise I loved his character Who s going to join me in starting a petition to get JTG to write a book for Killian

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