This hilarious, honest, and charming essay collection by comedian Ali Wong takes the form of letters to her daughters, who she warns against reading it until at least the age of twenty one I adore Ali Wong, and this book perfectly captures her sense of humor and ability to make light of the heaviest parts of life Stories of her wild youth had me crying with laughter, and tender passages about her husband and daughters made me just straight up cry Comedian, actress, screenwriter, producer, and now nonfiction author she s unbelievably talented, and I m so glad she chose to share Dear Girls with us Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.
How dare this book not be in my hands immediatelyUPDATE The arc goddess is good to me.
Wong S Heartfelt And Hilarious Letters To Her Daughters The Two She Put To Work While They Were Still In Utero , Covering Everything They Need To Know In Life, Like The Unpleasant Details Of Dating, How To Be A Working Mom In A Male Dominated Profession, And How She Trapped Their DadIn Her Hit Netflix Comedy Special Baby Cobra, An Eight Month Pregnant Ali Wong Resonated So Heavily That She Became A Popular Halloween Costume Wong ☆ Dear Girls: Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets, and Advice for Living Your Best Life Ò Download by ☆ Ali Wong Told The World Her Remarkably Unfiltered Thoughts On Marriage, Sex, Asian Culture, Working Women, And Why You Never See New Mom Comics On Stage But You Sure See Plenty Of New DadsThe Sharp Insights And Humor Are Even Personal In This Completely original Collection She Shares The Wisdom She S Learned From A Life In Comedy And Reveals Stories From Her Life Off Stage, Including The Brutal Singles Life In New York Ie The Inevitable Confrontation With Erectile Dysfunction , Reconnecting With Her Roots And Drinking Snake Blood In Vietnam, Tales Of Being A Wild Child Growing Up In San Francisco, And Parenting War Stories Though Addressed To Her Daughters, Ali Wong S Letters Are Absurdly Funny, Surprisingly Moving, And Enlightening And Disgusting For All I truly feared this book would be fluff Instead it is fearless and real Ali Wong says how we all feelI m not fineYet in her resilience and grit she is able to turn childhood resentment, male rejection, discrimination, getting boo d offstage, the fear of a prenup, and a bushy pussy into the best things that could have happened to her I laughed out loud as I imagined Ali s exaggerated comedy voice confessing life moments like this one when she was pregnant After a while, I couldn t see my vagina when I looked down, because all I could see was my belly But when I stared at myself in the mirror, my vagina just looked like an ancient wise Chinese man from a fairy tale that got stuck in a cave and survived off yams The hair was so damn long and neglected My nipples became progressively bigger I got my hot little hands on an ARC from secret sources I really liked the book except for the last chapter from the author s husband, which ended up making me like the whole book less.
First, the chapter was insipidly self congratulatory and he is boring so I do not care what he has to say Congratulations on being okay with being rich Second, the rest of the book is so funny and vulgar a lot like Ali Wong s standup and suffused with so much love for the titular girls There are so many extremely gross and hilarious stories about giving birth and babies and childcareand then in the husband s chapter there s a brief throwaway mention of the girls Ukrainian nanny who is not mentioned even once in the rest of the book and I was just like hmm Okay So I get that if you are Ali Wong, discussing your nanny who you were able to hire because, again, you re Dear Ali Wong,I want to be your best friend.
You made me laugh so hard and cry unexpectedly, separately and also simultaneously and here is where I should insert the cry laugh emoji And you know why I felt what I felt Because your voice really pierced through the pages It was like watching you on stage in one of your Netflix stand up specials, and sometimes even like you were addressing me personally The content was similar to some of the themes of your specials but you poured your thoughts and emotions in this a lot , since you were really addressing your girls and not me.
You made me even prouder of my Asian heritage To hear an empowered Asian person talk about her own experiences in our shared culture and tradition but also in the context of your unique life, provided me with so much ap ¸ Dear Girls: Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets, and Advice for Living Your Best Life õ It s like reading one of her stand up specials You can hear her expressions and tone of voice while reading A lot funny, with plenty of wisdom, and heart warming moments thrown in the mix I also especially loved the afterward from her husband Ali has truly had an incredible life, I can t wait to readabout it.

Asian cultures often teach us to be silent about our sexuality and filled with shame Your mother breaks that up and transmutes pain and shame into power, like a mystical priestess Justin Hakuta, Ali Wong s husband biggest fan, describing Ali to their daughters in the Afterword.
First of all, I want to give much thanks to Ali Wong Random House, I won an uncorrected proof copy of Dear Girls Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets, and Advice for Living Your Best Life through the publisher s contest I ve been a long time fan of Wong, and this book was going to be on My Most Anticipated books of Fall 2019 list, so I m ahead of the game I had so much fun reading this book Wong is so crazy, real, wild, and funny, she doesn t hold anything back in the book Although the book is written as a collection of letters to her young daughters, offering advices sharing her Ali Wong makes me laugh she is not only hilariously funnybut underneath her raunchy humor, she s a down to earth sweetie pie luv bug Dear Girls is her memoir non fiction book for her fans I m one of them , and anyone curious about her It s written as a letter to her two young little girls.
with instructions NOT TOBE read UNTIL AGE 21 I loved this book I loved reading about Ali.
everything Ali We learn about Ali s upbringing and her personal life with love for her handsome Asian husband , and her two daughtersthe heart of what matters most A few excerpts below One of the worst places I performed regularly at was Our Little Theater It literally seated eight people and was located in the heart of the Tenderloin district That n Let me tell you, it is such a relief to have a funny, well written book from a comedian that I admire Man, I ve been burned so many times before with mediocre books from comedians, I barely dared to hope with this one But Ali Wong really delivered If you are a fan of Ali Wong, you will like this book I pinky swear promise The beginning of the book is pure Ali Wong humor, and if you think think that means vagina and pubic hair jokes, you would be 100% CORRECT.
Ali Wong is purely who she is, and I love that about her I think people underestimate her though not so much any, thank you Always Be My Maybe , but she is one of the most honest, crassly amazing comedians out there I love that she is a parent now, and I related to her stories a ton, even though our upbringing was completely different I ate up the stories about how she met her husband and how he compared to the multitude of

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