EPub, Designing The Future By Jacque Fresco This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Designing The Future, Essay By Jacque Fresco Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For Trailer º Designing The Future PDF by î Jacque Fresco You Disappointed a lot.
I knew he had some solutions for our gruesome future but those are just the ideas, imaginations that, taken for granted, assemble the cord of his teaching.
I had a feeling I am reading Asimov s Foundation series, who at times seemed to depict our future selves he was a physicist after all with warnings ingrained in his storyline This book lacks all merit Do not bother reading a page.
I picked this up after seeing a documentary on Mr Fresco and learning of his supposed inventions and breakthroughs After reading this, Fresco resembles Jeff Bridge s character in the Men Who Stare at Goats, with claims of amazing powers and technological innovation with very little to show for it except for some fun with LSD.
First, this book is poorly written, incoherent, reading like the rantings of an old man, which is clearly all it is An editor was desperately needed.
Second, the structure of the explanations and arguments are so weak it is difficult to establish Fresco s ideas other than to say the world is changing thanks to technology I didn t need to read this to know that.
Third, Fresco cites numerous factual inaccuracies He makes claims of the decline of human prosperity, citing numbers of poverty, Cool story We re presented with beautiful picture of possible future world, but there s no actual instruction for transition to this state, which I anticipated the most Also no proof that people will tolerate even small differences in society IMO the smallest overconsumption of resources by one human emits transcendental energy that makes other people to wish and consume , which causes an avalanche and simple will is not enough to stop it As human nature cannot be fully encoded in certain rules existance of such world cannot be proven in theory I d be afraid if someone would dare to radically realise all what s written, even with good intentions The only way path is evolution and I doubt that final version will look any simi Such a wonderful posible vision of the world I love it I enjoy so much all of Jacque Fresco books.
The main idea of this book is In a Resource Based Economy, it is established there is no money, no credits, no debt, and no servitude Here, all of the world s resources are held as the common heritage of all of Earth s people Ï Designing The Future ↠´ Very insightful book, but it could use some references.
This was a thought provocative book, especially in the first few and last chapters The middle ones went into or less technical details, which in my opinion were mostly superfluous as far as the main topic of the book is concerned, about urban management and the role and types of technology that could be used in the future I took a lot of notes which I hope I will find the time to compose into a coherent text, but since free time is a rare commodity for me these days a problem that a resource based economy cannot solve unfortunately , I will only mention two of my main points of contention with the author 1 Fresco does not tackle the problem of the transition from our current monetary and opinion based system to his suggested resource based system, which operates on scientific principles rather than political or ideological opinion He seems to imply that it would c This is about the Venus Project Anyone who doesn t know about it should go to thezeitgeistmovement.
com, which I am a strong supporter of It s an easy read that will help you understand Fresco s vision of a resource based economy and the structure of the future s outlook.
Decent primer on the command economy and post scarcity life, along with what automation entails for humanity It gets 4 stars rather than 5 for my usual compliment of reasons It doesn t convey this information efficiently, using narrative format, it doesn t cater to a general audience it uses big words and big ideas in a world populated by small minds with small vocabularies and it s too ambitious This idea could gain a lot of traction very quickly with the right idea architecture.

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