honestly what the hell did i just read so you live on an island by yourself with four other women imagine you sleep with 4 women those 4 women give you 47 kids between them and then you start pairing those kids together to reproduce and then, when you re in your eighties, you have the AUDACITY to create a punishment for anyone who sleeps with their brother sister, like that wasn t the whole way you created the life on that island in the first place IF YOU RE GOING TO PUNISH PEOPLE FOR FUCKING THEIR SIBLINGS, PUNISH YOURSELF, YOU NASTY The Island of the Anagram Penis, racism, incest, and gross inbreeding.
↠´ Die Insel Pines ¹ I had to read this for my course and it was an interesting read but had a lot of archaic words so was hard to fully grasp unless intricately analysed.

Just about intriguing enough to keep interest through the very few pages Really not a true Utopian fiction in the political philosophical sense of the genre la Thomas More or William Morris but an important work in the genesis of Robinson Crusoe esque fiction It s influence on later works, and the popularity it had at the time are what make it worth reading though you get muchin this regard from reading the very good introduction and notes contained in The Isle of Pines An Essay in Bibliography As for the story alone, I d not recommend it as an essential read, except for those who want to explore the history of Utopian fiction, but it s fun nonetheless The attitude towards race is problematic, as you would expect from that period in history, but we shouldn t excuse it it because of its age There s certainly something to be learned or a What the what Utopia I was disappointed in this story I came across this story when I purchased a book with three Utopia stories in it Utopia, New Atlantis, and this tale After being terribly disappointed in New Atlantis, I was hoping the third story would perk me up Unfortunately, this story isn t really a Utopia story like Thomas Moore s Utopia It s just a short and not very well written story Some of the things in here could be excused due to the time period it was written in the thing with the Negro, for example Utopia had a lot of lessons to offer, and was also satire in some parts Those who have read Utopia will know what I am talking about here However, in Isle of Pines, there is no real lesson or satire Lots of old books are harder to understand because their vernacular is different than what we use today, but they are still worth perusing and studying for both their historical context Insel Pines Ist EineVer Ffentlichte Schiffbruchserz Hlung, Dystopie Und Fr He Robinsonade Von Henry NevilleDas Buch Beschreibt Die Geschichte Einer Gruppe Von Schiffbr Chigen Der Brite George Pine Und Vier Weiblichen Berlebende, Die Auf Einer Idyllischen Insel Gestrandet Sind Pine Findet Heraus, Dass Die Insel Durch Geringe Anstrengung Reichlich Nahrung Produziert Kurze Zeit Sp Ter Genie T Er Ein Leben Mit Viel Freizeit Und Unterh Lt Eine Offene Beziehung Zu Allen Vier Frauen Jede Dieser Frauen Gebiert Babys, Welche Nun Zu Eigenen St Mme Anwachsen Und ô Die Insel Pines µ Download by ↠´ Henry Neville Die Pine Als Patriarch Anerkennen Die Erz Hlung Ist Aus Dem Standpunkt Der Niederl Ndischen Entdecker Geschrieben Und Beginnt Mit Deren Ankunft Und Der Entdeckung Einer Primitiven Wei En, Englischsprechenden Rasse Die Entdecker Stellen Fest, Dass Die Insulaner Enkel Und Urenkel Von George Pine Sind Und Diese In Nur Drei Generationen Die Technologischen Und Industriellen Vorteile Ihrer Britischen Herkunft Verloren Haben

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