Is An Artistic Girl With Expensive Taste But No Money Like Most Tauruses, She Likes The Finer Things In Life, So Coming From A Poor Family Is Hard, And Sometimes She Tells Little White Lies To Keep Up With Her Well To Do Friends When Tori Finds Out That She Is A Zodiac Girl, She Thinks That Her Days Of Wearing Secondhand Clothes Are Over But Her Planetary Guardians Aim To Teach Her The Value Of Something Much Important Her Own [Cathy Hopkins] Ï Discount Diva (Zodiac Girls) [language PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ä Self Worth Ever Turn To Your Horoscope For Help In A Difficult Time Well, Zodiac Girls Have Something Even Better When Their Stars Are In Lucky Alignment, They Get A Cool Cell Phone And Personal Guidance From The Planets Themselves But It S Not As Easy As It Sounds It S Up To Each Girl To Make The Most Of Her Month As A Zodiac Girl Marketing ARC Mailings And Giveaways Horoscope Bookmarks Author Podcast Targeted Publicity Targeted Advertising Conference Promotions Online Promotions Zodiac Tattoos I really liked this book because it was about a girl who was too poor for her friends she lied about who she was to keep up with them she said she was rich and had the best life but i was all not real it took her a while to realise that all she really needed was good friends.
5 stars .
loved it coz it was my sign D BEST 3 ✓ Discount Diva (Zodiac Girls) ✓ this was a pretty good book Leuk boekje om even tussendoor te lezen Verder niet echt veel spannends, maar ik weet zeker dat tieners van 10 12 het wel erg leuk zullen vinden.
I read this when I was just 9 years old and it was one of the books that made me fall in love with reading It s Cathy All teenage girls must read Simple yet insightful Always love her work.

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