Disney s Manga Descendants is the manga version of the movie This was so cute Loved reading this graphic novel Definitely worth a read Thank you so much to NetGalley, TokyoPop and Diamond Book Distributors for the opportunity to read Volume 2 of this Disney Manga.
Digital copy gently provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review The second part of the trilogy based upon the Disney s picture where four teen children of villains that live in exile in the Island of Lost, have the opportunity of go to school at Aralon where the good characters of the fairytales live The original idea was stole a magical object to release their parents, but Well, about this book, the manga style of the drawing does very little to help differentiate between the protagonists of the story, and for this it detracts from all the small eccentricities that make the flesh and blood version of this youthful fantasy with characters of children of villains an engaging story.
I m sorry, but it s not what I expected.
Maybe it works as memorabilia, or as collectible I guess I m not the adecuate reader for this Th Children Of Maleficent, The Evil Queen, Jafar And Cruella De Vil Have Never Ventured Off The Isle Of The Lost Until Now Invited To Pristine Auradon, To Attend Prep School Alongside The Children Of Beloved Disney Heroes, Mal, Evie, Jay And Carlos Must Carryout Their Villain Parents Evil Plot To Rule Once Again Will The Rebel Teens Follow In Their Rotten Parents Footsteps Or Will They Choose To Embrace Their Innate Goodness Ò Disney Manga ↠´ Download by å Jason Muell And Save The Kingdom This Is VolumeOf The Descendants Manga Trilogy The artwork is cute and the story line follows the movie to a T.
I have to admit that I actually really like this series I thought this volume wasn t quite as good as the last but still entertaining and I m looking forward to the end of the trilogy I thought this volume was a little slower than the first but we are getting into the meat of the story and setting up for the end so it makes sense I ll still be looking forward to the finish I would like to thank the publisher, author, and Netgalley for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.
Continua, con questo secondo fumetto edito dalla TokyoPop, l avventura dei figli dei villian Disney Mal, Evie, Jay e Carlos.
I ragazzi cominciano ad ambientarsi e coltivare le prime amicizie Mal, con i suoi incantesimi, diviene la parrucchiera pi ambita della scuola Evie si accorge che un bel visino non basta a fare un principe, ed inizia a guardare con occhi diversi i ragazzi che la circondano Jay e Carlos assaporano in modo particolare la vita fuori dall isola, crescendo pi di quanto non facciano per il momento le ragazze.
Le loro vicende a questo punto, come gi mi era accaduto durante la visione del film, sono tra le mie preferite dell intera storia Jay, il figlio di Jafar, cresciuto venendo sfruttato come ladruncolo dal padre, e convinto di poter contare solo su se stesso La frequentazione della scuola e soprattutto il gioco di squad ✓ Disney Manga ☆ thank you to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review 3 stars.
I havent read book 1 and apparently its also a movie which Ive only just found out, must be because I live under a pile of books rock , but this was still good I still enjoyed it and I really liked the art work It would definitely appeal to young readers as the colours are nicely vibrant Will have to read book 1 and then wait for book 3 to come out.

I hadn t read the first volume of the Descendants Rotten To The Core Trilogy, but that was not a problem since I had seen the Descendants movie This book follows along very closely to the movie and it is just as enjoyable The art throughout this book was amazing I would definitely recommend this trilogy if you are a fan of Disney as this trilogy follows the path of a few of the children from the famous Disney villains.
The truth is that I don t have the slightest idea that there s a TV movie of Descendants, where this comic series is adapted from Therefore, I m not familiar with the storyline as well as the characters of Descendants and reading this second volume is not a good idea because it felt like fumbling for details through out the issue Another disappointment is that this second installment in this trilogy is empty After reading this, I didn t find anything amusing that will make me anticipate for the last issue or even read the previous volume The plot of the story is great and the problem is that it is not properly executed, that s why it is ineffectual in the end.
I couldn t download the entire book so never got to read it No stars no review

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