Poor Uncle Terrance He did a great job on the show during the 70s His Target novelisations had two generations of boys and girls reading Exodus is a top notch New Adventure so much clean Doctor Who fun.
But The Eight Doctors is a turd It s not the worst, but it s near there It starts off with a teenage afternoon special The new companion in a hip new funky, rad, tubular, cowabunga, don t do drugs kinda situation It reads like a 70 year old man trying to be hip with the kids Maybe because it s a 70 year old man trying to be hip with the kids Stupid BBC probably told him to be hip with the kids Then you get a bog standard anniversary special It s like The Five Doctors, but even shittier, and in print You can see I was warned not to read this, and now I warn you Don t be tempted, this is a soppy trip down memory lane and it doesn t do the Eighth Doctor any justice Skip it and start with

So, I m a big fan of the Eighth Doctor A big fan Like, I was so ridiculously happy when Night of the Doctor happened Seriously, the joy I felt in those six minutes is perhapsappropriate to situations like finding out from a doctor that that funny shaped mole is just a funny shaped mole.
My experiences with Eight have so far been the tv movie extremely meh except the Doctor himself and the Big Finish audioplays which kick ass all the way to Sunday and back again in a stable temporal loop So I decided to give the DW novels a shot and wade even deeper into the inviting waters of that shimmering pool we call Whoniverse.
And the first one I read is not that good It s supposed to be a direct followup to the movie and kick off a long series of Eight s adventures but, well it s not really about Eight Oh, it s got the Doctor in it alright, all eight of them notice the title D but it s The first of a series of books that features the 8th Doctor as played by Paul McGann.
This adventure isof a nostalgia trip as this incarnation of the Doctor has to meet he s previous selves to regain he s memory after a trap set by the Master following the events of the TV Movie.
It s fun to work out which of the previous Doctor s stories he will arrive in and this book is very much for fans of the show rather than casual readers, but this does start to get tiring around the 6th incarnation s segment.
I liked the fact that it is set straight after the TV Movie, but doesn t really move the character forward, enjoyable enough but looking forward to continuing the range with the next story Vampire Science where I really think the EDA s will come into there own.
So Terrance Dicks One of the most famous names in Doctor Who history, responsible for numerous major storyarcs from the original television series, and over sixty novelizations thereof And he can t write his way out of a paper bag.
I m still a bit in shock about this The story was okay, although it suffers from exceptional pacing issues and the Companion is literally an afterthought no doubt mandated by the BBC s editor in chief, because she was tossed in with absolutely no reason It would have made muchsense to eliminate her entirely from the story, eliminate the whole Coal Hill subplot, and let a writer who cared be the one to introduce her.
But I digress As I said, the story was decent, once you got past the first few Doctors on the Reunion Tour It s obvious that Dicks favorite Doctor is the Sixth, both in Following on the release of the 1996 TV movie with Paul McGann as the eight Doctor, BBC books decided to launch a new book series featuring the adventures of the Eighth Doctor To start if off they brought Long time Who script editor and writer Terrance Dicks What Dicks produced is an enjoyable trip through the best moments of the original series Dicks was script editor of the series during the Jon Pertwee years and was the writer of most of the novelizations published by Target books during the 1970 s and 1980 s so he was a good choice to start off the adventures of the then new Doctor How better to do that then have the new Doctor go back and meet his past selves But instead of having it done along the lines of his own story The Five Doctors, Dicks chooses to do a direct continuation of the TV movie While that idea is a good one, t ó The Eight Doctors  This was very good It follows the movie and it explains away some plot holes The 8th Doctor gets amnesia and visits all is previous incarnations I liked that idea and my favorite two segments of visits were the 3rd Doctor He is my favorite in the old series My cat name is Pertwee and the 4th Doctor What is really interesting is that Terrance Dicks doesn t stop at filling plot holes of the movies, he also completes some adventures The Sea Devils, Trial of a Time Lord, State of Decay Plus this is where the 8th Doctor meets Sam, one of his companions I m trying to read the 8th Doctor s books in the right order so that was my first one I ve read a couple out of order and I knew I wouldn t be disappointed be Hi I m back After a vicious migraine attack that pretty much left me with the inability to read for two weeks this was refreshing.
After The Trauma Of His Recent Regeneration, The Eighth Doctor Falls Foul Of A Final Booby Trap Set By His Arch Enemy, The MasterWhen He Recovers, The Disorientated Doctor Looks In A Mirror And Sees The Face Of A Stranger He Knows Only That He Is Called The Doctor Nothing But Something Deep Inside Tells Him To Trust The TARDIS, And His Hands Move Over The Controls Of Their Own AccordThe TARDIS Takes Him To A Strangely Familiar Junkyard In Late Nineties London, Where ✓ read The Eight Doctors by Terrance Dicks ☆ He Is Flung Into A Confrontation Between Local Drug Dealers And Samantha Jones, A Rebellious Teenager From Coal Hill SchoolBut The Doctor Soon Finds The TARDIS Transporting Him To Various Other Places In Order To Recover All His Memories And That Involves Seeing Seven Strangely Familiar Faces return return This was the first of the BBC s series of Eighth Doctor books the book of the TV film apparently being in a different category I had read one of these before and was not madly impressed Here, however, we are on comfortable ground Terrance Dicks record of writingDoctor Who novels and novelisations than anyone else is unlikely to be surpassed any time soon return return Though it really ought to be called Doctor Who and the Heroic RetCons Dicks uses the opportunity of creating a new fictional environment for the Eighth Doctor to try and iron out some of the grosser continuity problems left by both the Eighth Doctor TV film, and the Trial of a Time Lord and also a wee bit of clearing up from The Five Doctors, which I think I must try and watch

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