I LOVE THIS STORY this is a godd mn good story I love it so much the best Dramione story that I ever read and I alway re read it like once in every 2 months This is my favourite fanfiction that I ve ever read The plot is amazing and I love her writing.
THIS WILL RUIN ALL OTHER FANFICTIONS FOR YOUin the best way possiblewicked grin Now I m not one to vouch for fanfictions in fact I was a fanfic virgin and this book stole my virginity all the way out but man is this perfect The best Dramione fanfiction out there THIS IS CANON AF It doesn t only focus on the romance budding in the two nemesis but it also has a mindblowing creative plot that you d wish this was the actual ending for the real books Draco s redemption only intensified the story line in this 3rd POV of this world It made me love the Harry Potter series evenif that s possible Hey, there s no such thing as too much love for HP The best gateway for fanfiction virgins Perfection This right here is the reason why my Dramione love will never waiver I was just curious but it didn t take me long at all to fall in love with everything that was this story It was the twists that made this story what it was Best of all was Draco his love it was quite perfect.
Ó Draconian º This is a BLOODY GOOD BOOK Beautifully written, with an amazing plot, and, dare I say, better than the original I never particularly liked the original Harry Potter has three kids and is happy ever after ending anyways Especially with After getting all of this attention, I need you all to know this is good fanfiction This is good writing This is what should be getting a film Not After.
I particularly love how well the characters are portrayed Everyone feels so in character unlike other fanfictions cof, cof, Cursed Child and the plot is so well thought of, I was honestly surprised this wasn t written by JK Rowling.
Seriously, I m not even into Dramione and I loved this It doesn t feel forced or rushed, it s just perfect Besides, it s free on wattpad which is amazing So please, read this book, it ll change your life.
I am a big Dramione fan.
Mostly it is because of Emma Watson and Tom Felton because I didn t ship dramione when I read the books I only started shipping them after watching the movies They have an amazing chemistry But alas This book became another victim of my not completing the book and abandoning it in the middle syndrome Noelle N s slow dancing is alot.
Like at lot.
Draconian started off pretty good but the moment Hermione entered I was likewhat the fuck I mean Draconian as a book is great But as a fanfiction I can t say the same The thing about Draco and Hermione is that they both are strong characters who s convictions are contrasting and thus make them stand poles apart.
But in this book it was as if I am reading a Harry Potter fanfiction with characters of their own kind jus Wikipdia Draconian Est Un Groupe De Doom Et Metal Gothique Sudois, Originaire De Sffle Form En , Draconian Crit Et Enregistre Des Chansons Dans Une Veine Atmosphrique, Sombre Et Nostalgique Draconian Definition Of Draconian By The Freeof Or Relating To Draco, Th Century Athenian Statesman And Lawmaker, Or His Code Of Laws, Which Prescribed Death For Almost Every Offence Draconian Definition Of Draconian By Merriam Draconian Definition Is Of, Relating To, Or Characteristic Of Draco Or The Severe Code Of Laws Held To Have Been Framed ß read ↠´ Draconian by Noelle N.
ß By Him How To Use Draconian In A Sentence Did You Know Draconian Chroniques, Biographie, Infos Metalorgie Les Prmices De Ce Que Sera Draconian Sont Mises En Route Enquand Trois Sudois Montent Kerberos, Un Groupe De Heavy Death Largement Influenc Par Draconian SWE Discographie, Line Up, BiographieJerry Torstensson Batterie Ex Shadowgarden, When Nothing Remains Heike Langhans Chant Ison Daniel Arvidsson Guitare Ex Nibdem, Mammoth Storm Johan Ericson Draconian Definition Of Draconian At Dictionary Draconian Definition, Of, Relating To, Or Characteristic Of The Athenian Statesman Draco, Or His Severe Code Of Laws SeeDraconian Official Heike Langhans On The Upcoming Draconian Material, The Music Business Andin A New In Depth Interview For Schwermetallvergiftung Shared In Both German English Draconian Meaning In The Cambridge English Draconian DefinitionDraconian Laws, Government Actions, Etc Are Extremely Severe, Or Go Further Than What Is Right Or Necessaryesp Of A Rule, Law, OrDraconian Wikipedia Draconian Is An Adjective Meaning Great Severity, That Derives From Draco, An Athenian Law Scribe Under Whom Small Offenses Had Heavy Punishments Draconian Laws This ow on the Top 3 for FanFic for me The author does a wonderful job staying true the charters while writing a completely different story I enjoy the redemption of the Slytherin characters in their own way, and how she breaks down the barriers of good and evil, truly showing the gray area in the war I also enjoyed the romance between Draco and Hermonie, at first frustrated at her lack of skill and then i find myself enjoying that all the while Draco is teaching and shielding her in his heart he knows how brave she is The banter between all the characters is a hoot and I nearly fell off my chair after the revelation with Theo and the sorting hat Overall a wonderful FanFic and I highly reccomend for anyone looking forHarry Potter.
This is actually one of my favourite Dramione fanfics I love that the romance progresses slowly, but it s not the main focal point of the story This one is set after the Battle of Hogwarts, except Voldy wasn t defeated The beginning is a little slow, but there is plenty of action later on I don t remember exactly when I read this one I ve been reading A LOT of fanfics this year , but I know I read it fairly quickly.
5 5 Honestly, this was so well written The story was quite interesting, and blends canon with the author s own imagination so well The language wasn t really memorable, there weren t a lot of very flowery or beautiful quotes because I m a sucker for them , but it was still fine Thoroughly enjoyed this though, and I m still upset that this was removed from Wattpad.

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