ä DryFire Reloaded (English Edition) ✓ I purchased this book with Ben s skills and drills I feel that both books are excellent for becoming a better shooter I m not new to shooting but I am new to shooting pistols and I ve gone from hitting paper sometimes to shooting respectable groups mainly from working the dry fire fire drills in this book My trigger control was terrible and dry fire let me see that and has helped me improve As a new shooter I would recommend getting both books and start from the beginning These books cover the basics and go far beyond that I m not there yet but I think this will get my shooting to were I want it to be.
Fire Reloaded Is An At Home Training Manual For Practical Shooting Competitors This Manual Gives You A Comprehensive Set Of Drills To Take Your Skills To The Next Level This Book Has Extensive Drill Commentary, Where Specific Information On The Focal Points And Goals Of Each Individual Drill Are Explained In Detail There Is Enough Information Here So You Have The Ability To Act As Your Own Coach This Book Is Self Contained, But It Works Best If You Are Using It In Conjunction Å DryFire Reloaded (English Edition) æ Download by ☆ Ben Stoeger With Skills And Drills Or Have Already Taken A Class With Ben This Book Contains A Brand New Set Of Elements Designed To Get Your Gun Handling Up To Speed Extensive Drill Commentary Tips On Danger Areas To Watch Out For And Much Ben is a fierce competitor and knows how to train for USPSA and IDPA He lays out the information and drills needed to improve My skills have greatly improved over the past several years using the information in his books Dry fire is a required aspect of developing the gun manipulation skills needed in our sport If you are serious about getting better at competitive dynamic shooting, his books will definitely help you.
if you do your part Don t just leave this on your coffee table.
use it Write down your times in it, write notes in the margins, bring it to the range with you, dog ear the pageswhatever For less than the cost of a box of factory ammo you can get a manual that will truly make a difference.
An update to the definitive guide on dry fire training to improve your shooting ability A unique aspect of Ben s approach to improving a particular skill is to break things down into micro drills This allows you to focus your attention and training time on very small aspects of larger skills and build from there vs being frustrated with not understanding why you can t nail a particular skill The book starts from the most basic skill, pressing the trigger, and goes up from there If you are even mildly interested in getting better at shooting a pistol and not shooting bucket fulls of ammunition to do it you should buy this book.

If you are serious about getting better at practice pistol shooting, you need to get this book I have the previous edition of Ben s dry fire book, but I find the Reloaded edition muchdetailed with a lot of added drills that focus on areas easily overlooked by most people Ben s unique approach of setting a single reasonable par time upfront makes the whole training regimen easy to understand and to follow His explanations of each individual drills, e.
g what s the goal and what to watch out for etc.
, are priceless I know there is no shortcut to success but only through hard work This book in my opinion, doubles the ROI of your hard work for any serious USPSA competitor Ever wonder how someone can get to M GM class only 1 or 2 years after they first touch a handgun It s hard work plus the right way to train This book shows y Ben s first book was great, dryfire wasn t a secret when he wrote the book, he s just the first person to illustrate the drills and put it all together in one place This one is better because it has log sheets in it for you and explains things a bitthan the first That being said if you follow the book and utilize your time to practice right you will see vast improvement, especially if you are a stuck in A,B,C class shooter.
I was a C when I got the first book and I m shooting M classifier scores now.
and I m lazy and don t practice as much as I need to.
Get this book and dedicate practice time and you will get better Get this book and don t dedicate time for practice and you will stay the same One key is the work you put in, you need to supply that, the other is knowledge on dryfire, this provides that.

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