Excellent read for kids or adults on background of George Washington s first significant enterprise that gained him notoriety.
Good writing that conveys the complicated politics and dealings between French, Indian and English with simple prose and dialogue Also shows the brutality, diplomacy and values of each people Well worth the read.
There s a mild swear word once or twice, and one description of brutality Maybe best for 11 14 age range, studying French Indian War and or American Revolution background.
æ Duel in the Wilderness æ This book was stupid For those of you who want to learn about George Washington s Duel in the Wilderness, find a different book It never said anything about his Duel in the Wilderness On the other hand, if you want to bore yourself to sleep, this is a very good book And I should know because I fell asleep once reading it P.
S But if you have a choice between this and George Washington s World, choose this.

Based on George Washington s own journal, Duel in the Wilderness renders an account of how 21 year old Major George Washington is charged with delivering a message from the King of England to the French commander in the Ohio wilderness Along the way, Washington gathers the men and supplies necessary to complete his mission as well as information about the French, their supplies, fortifications, plans and manpower along the Ohio River In addition, Washington must strengthen the English alliance with the Iroquois Nation and engage in the diplomatic duel with French and Native Americans along the way As the tale unfolds, readers come to appreciate Washington s apprenticeship in wilderness survival, Native American cultur Novelization of Washington s report on his expedition to deliver a letter to French commander requesting that they give up claim to disputed territory just prior to outbreak of French Indian War While it felt as if it was aimed at youth tourist it s a Colonial Williamsburg publication market it was well written smooth flow, good detail, realistic dialog and action Neither overblown nor over simplified Enjoyed it.
I love George Washington, he s one of my heroes I liked this book because it gives you a view of how he became the great leader that we all Know It made me love him.
Major George Washington Must Deliver A Message From The King Of England To The French Commanders In The Ohio Wilderness The Mission Will Be Dangerous Washington Has To Travel Through Frontier Lands Where Hostile Indians And French Soldiers Lurk If He Fails, England And France May Go To War This Novel Tells The True Story Of Washington S [ Pdf Duel in the Wilderness ¼ coding PDF ] by Karin Clafford Farley ¼ Journey

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