East Wind is a first person account spanning roughly ten years The author and her young son lived in Africa during this time working as a business partner of a guest establishment called JJ s Although none of this story involves glamorous events or extreme adventures, reading about the daily trials and difficulties encountered is quite eye opening We cannot all have all experiences ourselves Reading a story like this affords us a glimpse into a different life and window in time and space East Wind is a worthwhile read.
East Wind hat mir den Einstieg nicht gerade leicht gemacht, weil ich mich zuerst durch die Trennung der Autorin von ihrem Mann und die Konflikte beim F hren einer Pension in Swakopmund Namibia w hlen musste Ihr Leben im ehemaligen S d West Afrika zwischen 1972 und 1982 erwies sich danach jedoch als ausgesprochen spannend Keine Gleichberechtigung von Schwarz und Wei , auch nicht von Mann und Frau, entweder man hatte als Ausl nder wie sie Arbeit und eine Arbeitserlaubnis oder musste das Land verlassen, entweder ein Sch ler lernte und schaffte seine Pr fungen oder er wurde vom Lehrer mit dem Rohrstock geschlagen H chst interessant auch das letzte Kapitel von Lessil Richards ber seine afrikanische Kindheit, Strong read full of captivating tales and experience from an american expat and her adventurous son.

Set in Namibia in the late 70 s, this is the account of the author s experience as a partner running a restaurant boarding house Pretty much each chapter stands alone as an account of someone they had contact with or a specific event The book ends in 1982 when she and her son Lessil moved back to the States when he was in high school It was clear to me pretty quickly that this was set in the years prior to independence due to the comments about race relations, the position of women and the war in Angola But that information didn t detract for me, but added in terms of seeing a picture of the country when it was South West Africa I enjoyed this too for the place names, several of which I ve been to, or if not, I am familiar with the country to know the general geography and location of areas It s a light, easy read I had t ì East Wind ↠´ A somewhat interesting look at the life of a mother and son who spend ten years working and trying to exist in Nambia This is a recollection of their lives as they run a local restaurant While it gives the reader a look at life in Nambia from an ex patriate s perspective it speaks little of the natives The descriptions of the land are good This is a quick and cursory look at life in Nambia from their point of view.
This was an interesting read, as far as the descriptions of life in Namibia as viewed by an American woman and her son The narrative itself was not in any way compelling reading There was little drama and no suspense It s one of those books that s easy to set down and hard to pick up again However, I am glad I read it if only for the knowledge I gained about a place I am sure I will never visit My interest was piqued enough that I spent some time on the Internet readingabout Namibia and looking at photos Having grown up in some far off, exotic, and wild lands myself, I did enjoy Lessil s comments at the back of the book He talked about what it was like living in Africa as a child, and also what it was like coming back to the states as a teen and trying t I enjoyed East Wind A True Story by Jacqueline Richards and Lessil Richards I learned about the country of Namibia, in southwestern Africa The authors did a good job of describing the country, the people, countryside and what it was like as an American to live there.
I would recommend this book to readers who like non fiction, Africa and living as an American in a foreign country.
Is The Amazing True Story Of The Ten Years That The Authors Spent In The Country Of South West Africa, Now Known As Namibia During The Last Three Years Of Their Stay, Jacquie Richards Co Owned A Restaurant And Boarding House In The Sea Side Resort Town Of Swakopmund This Book Follows The Owners And Boarders Of JJ S Through Heartfelt Trials And Tribulations With Memories Of Unique People And Captivating Experiences A Compelling Page Turner That Is Well Worth The [Jacqueline Richards] ☆ East Wind [world-history PDF] Ebook Epub Download Û read stasha3Good read but was hoping to hearof Africa not the everyday life of two divorced women a quick read, Interesting storythe author lived in Africa during some brutal times which she told little about and wrote instead about the problems being a partner in a restaurant boardinghouse

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