I felt like the title was something of a misnomer it implies a harrowing description of leaving Rwanda, which wasn t the case Having said that, I quite enjoyed the book It amazes me the trials others have had to go through The author has truly been through a lot and I admire him for his vision and tenacity I don t know that I would have been able to do what he did with the hand he was dealt He is still very young At some point, I would love a follow up find out about his experiences as he has gotten older I would love to know where is he now In a few years.
While the author states that his book is about change, and we do follow his metamorphosis through his narrative, I find it to also be a great example of the power of hope and faith His journey from Rwanda to America coincides with his journey from child to adult Both journeys abound with highs and lows, and he is quick to express gratitude to those who aided him along the way.
Quote I liked from the book Why do we have the experiences that we do How do we know who we truly are We do not really know ourselves until we see ourselves How do we see ourselves The trials of our lives expose to us the strengths or weaknesses of our character They are not always punishment for past offenses Trials are similar to a test A test will not make us intelligent, but it will reveal our standing in a subject, thus exposing which areas we need to improve.
In addition, through seeing our weaknesses, we also discover compassion for those with the same afflictions or who suffer other afflictions pp 139 140

I am inspired by the author s character and his faith We recently met a family with 6 children from Rwanda who we can barely communicate with but who exudes a most wonderful spirit This account made me wonder what they have endured It is my hope to play a small part in helping them like certain key people who were at the right place at the right time helped the author achieve his dreams This book and the movie The Good Lie has opened my eyes to the plight of so many refugees from Africa.
ã Escape from Rwanda ☆ This is a wonderful story I love how he shares the lessons he learned from his experiences, so we can learn from them too It gives me hope, and the feeling that I can do hard things, too.
This was a well done, simply told yet complex story of the author s life He is a man to be admired through the trials presented him in his life and how he chose to handle them This is an inspirational story that really shows the hand of God in all things Loved it I would say it is an account of being a refugee and orphan than escaping from Rwanda It was a quality story of courage and gratitude to God.
Yves Bizimana Was Only Seven Years Old When His Family Was Caught Up In The Rwandan Genocide In Escape From Rwanda, He Tells Of Their Horrifying Escape And Subsequent Experiences As Refugees, Traveling With His Widowed Mother And His Younger Brother And Sister From Country To Country, Searching For Safety And A Place To Call Home When They Finally Reach Zimbabwe, They Expect Their Lives Will Settle Down They Don [John Yves Bizimana] ✓ Escape from Rwanda [chapter-books PDF] Ebook Epub Download ê T Suspect That Even Greater Trials Are Yet To Come John S Story Is One Of Almost Unimaginable Hardship Trudging Through Corpses That Litter The Road Out Of Rwanda, Huddling Under Cardboard Boxes For Shelter, Depending On Strangers And Governmental Agencies For Sustenance His Story Is One Of Poverty, Loneliness, And Death, But It Is Also A Story Of Faith, Hope, Determination, And Miracles This Unique First Person Account Is Interwoven With Stories Of Others Saving Acts Of Kindness And Compassion In A Seemingly Compassion Less World This Unforgettable Story O

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