Robert HoudinEdited By Todd Karr Robert Houdin Is Considered The Father Of Modern Magic This Book Is A Compilation Of His Most Important Works It Contains The Secrets Of Conjuring And Magic A Book Full Of Houdin S Real Secrets Of Magic Psychology As Well As Sleight Of Hand Is Included In This Work, Which Becomes The Foundation For His Magic Card Sharping Exposed A Treatise About Cards Sleights, False Shuffles, Gambling Devices And Demonstrations At Winning Various Card Games The ↠´ read î Essential Robert-Houdin by Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin ¼ Secrets Of Stage Conjuring Contains Secrets And Analysis Of Several Stage Illusions, Like The Light And Heavy Chest, Davenport Brothers Techniques, The Ghost Illusion, Concepts For Self Playing Instruments, Etc The Priory This Is A Booklet That Was originally Published In France InIt Is Houdin S Description Of His Amazing House, With Remote Controlled Gates And Automatic Timers Memoirs Of Robert Houdin The Classic Autobiography Of A Magical Genius

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