Had a hard time with this one, it was slow starting and then the characters and how they acted just didn t click for me Will not be reading the 2nd as I skipped chapters and skimmed just to finish getting through.
Great Book Loved it and can t wait for the next one Wish there were books like this out there She hoped someday, someone would be able to break through her invisible brick wall, swim the moat of impossible expectations, and rescue her from herself She didn t want to end up an old spinster Emma is a seventeen, soon to be eighteen, year old girl who has pretty much been a loner her whole life But, when she is saved by an angel and hears his voice, she no longer feels alone, especially as he begins to interact with her and In fact, he begins to fill a void within Emma Then enters Destry He is the stuff dream guys are made of smart, kind, witty, caring, and wellhot This is where emotions begin to rise and fall like a fast moving roller coaster.
Chantelle Nay has created a story that is easy to read and where the reader becomes emotionally attached to both males in Emma s life At times, I was rooting for t I was lucky to win this book from a goodreads giveaway Very unique story line I would read the rest of the books in the series Recommend for young adults I loved, loved this book one of the best I have read in a long time I could not but it down

Great story of a love triangle, and the ability to choose your guy I loved the journey through first dates, and talking to an angel Who will she choose ¾ Eternal ↠´ An amazing book It gets your mind thinking about things that you would have never thought of.
Wow This is a really interesting story There are so many layers The love story is a good chemistry triangle Loved it Clean Synopsis 17 year old Emma has floated through life in a small town as a loneruntil she starts hearing a voice in her head Now, some people might find this a little majorly strange How does a seventeen year old even begin to describe this Well, her guardian angel, Micah, sure enough has all of this answers Emma happily floats through her last few months of senior year talking to Micah in her head, until Destry asks her to Prom With Micah encouraging her to get out and talk to humans, can Emma shake the feeling of betrayal she feels about her feelings towards Micah or will she give it all up for Micah Prosecution Ah, love triangles All of the wonderful things in life have involved a love triangle or two Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, JFK and Marilyn, even Princess Di and Prince Charles actually, all of this things have been tragic, oops So w Complicated Love Triangle That Covers Both Heaven And Earth MICAH Sat Alone In The Darkened Emptiness Of Space He Felt Racked With Guilt What Was He Doing This Wasn T Right And He Knew It He Had Gone Too Far In His Quest To Keep A Promise Everything Had Gotten Out Of Control Somehow Emma Had Become Too Important To Him And It Was Than That He Longed To Be Around Her, To Talk With Her, To Touch Her Again And Again These Feelings Download Epub Format ↠´ Eternal PDF by ✓ Chantelle Nay Were Strange To Him He D Never Experienced Anything Like This It Was Almost As If Someone Were Inside His Head, Whispering To Him, Making Him Want Things He Could Never Have A Heavenly Being Wasn T Supposed To Feel This Way But He Did, And It Was Breaking Him He Knew What He Needed To Do To Fix It, But He Wasn T Ready To Let Go He Didn T Want To Leave He Wanted To Stay Right Where He Was He Deserved Happiness Too Maybe There Was A Way Maybe He Could Have Her For Himself Would That Really Be So Wrong The Answer To That Question Screamed Back At Him From Inside His Head Yes, Yes It Would Be From The Very First Moment, EMMA Had Wanted Him To Want Her, But Never Really Thought It Was Possible Now He Was Saying Little Cryptic Things That Made Her Think Maybe There Was A Chance For ThemBut Now Emma Felt Feelings That She Had Never Expected To Feel For A Sweet Blue Eyed Boy, That She Was Going To Have To Turn Her Back On Could She Really Do That She Wasn T Sure She Could DESTRY Was At War With Himself He Couldn T Figure Out What It Was About The Girl Emma That Had Him Feeling Upside Down And Inside Out Every Time He Saw Her, He Got That Burning Feeling That Nearly Choked Him He Wanted To Be Near Her She Was Like Oxygen To Him, She Made Everything Feel Better She Eased The Burning In His Chest And Calmed The Fluttering Of His Mind But Did She Feel The Same When She Was Around Him He Seemed To Make Her Uncomfortable And Sometimes Angry He Didn T Want To Chase After Someone That Didn T Want To Be Chased He Hoped That After Tonight, The Burning Would Leave Him Alone And He Could Move On With Life A Life That Didn T Involve Seeing Emma S Face Every Time He Closed His Eyes

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