æ Ether Frolics æ Picked up on a whim A refreshing find Nine short stories all tethered together under the premise that these are stories of the Etheric Explorers Club an exclusive club for members interested in the relationship between science and paranormal By far, the most enjoyable story start to finish and in concept was The Last Post A different take on the horrors of war and the weapons of it The Resident Member was my second favourite I turned the end page and audibly exclaimed disappointment when I found there was noto the story I would have liked to know Bronwyn Griggs much .

Collection Of Nine Steampunk Stories Drawn From The Archives Of The Etheric Explorers Club, A Victorian Society Dedicated To Exploring The Mysteries Of The Etheric Realm The Visions Of A Russian Painter In Fin De Si Cle Paris A Terrible Weapon That Almost No One Has Survived A Confession Within A Confession A Crime From Antiquity Resurfacing Beneath The Thames A Desperate Search For A Lost Sister A Contemporary Horror Entwined With An Ancient Manuscript An Trailer ✓ Ether Frolics PDF by ✓ Paul Marlowe Experiment Gone Wrong A Lost World Which Should Have Remained Lost And A Night Of Dining, Death, And Romance

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