You Have To Put Your Heart On The Line Artist Ashton Langton Makes No Promises Women Fall At His Feet And He Enjoys Them Without Remembering Their Names The Next Day Haunted By His Past, He Refuses To Allow Himself To Get Close To Anyone, Until He Encounters Kris, The Living Image Of His Childhood Sweetheart He Has To Paint Her, To Sculpt Her, To Have Her Against Her Better Judgement, Kris Mayer Accepts Ashton S Trailer ð Everything You Need PDF by ↠´ Evelyn Lyes Request To Model For Him The Time She Spends With Him, The She Falls For Him, Despite Knowing Their Relationship Can Only Last As Long As Her Modelling Job When Kris Tries To Cut Her Ties To Ashton, He Has No Intention Of Letting Her Get Away And Ruin His Plan To Make Her Fall Head Over Heels For Him But Fate Intervenes, Threatening Not Only Their Love, But Also Ashton S Lifeword Count Words Pages Long Due To Sexual Content This Book Is Recommended For This is 3.
5 starsThis is the story of Kris and Ashton Kris is a waitress and is barely making ends meet to support her alcoholic mother who is in rehab Ashton is an artist who sees Kris and wants her to model for him, but we learn that Kris is apparently a dead wringer for Ashton s dead ex gf and since her death, he s treated women poorly So one wonders if he s interested in Kris for Kris or because she looks like the dead ex Plus Kris has abandonment issues no father, alcoholic mother, an ex who left her when the alcoholic mother got to be too much It s no wonder that she s skittish.
The unusual, but well written style is what drew me in The prose itself was lovely to read What I had issues with were the

My favourite of the Everything series so far these characters might not have been my favourite from this world but the story around them is curious and engaging, wrapped in mystery and secrets There are plenty of subplots and I love Evelyn Lyes writing style, it s comfortable and descriptive, and really makes for an enjoyable few hours.
Great little book would recommend to anyone who enjoys romance and intrigue hand in hand PRETTY GOODI was kind of confused by the characters in this book I couldn t keep some of the characters straight, the friends, who was related, who was together I hate meddling characters Characters that think they know best, but everybody is an adult and can make their own decisions Otherwise I liked how Ash pretty much wanted Kris from the start, and new pretty quickly that it was Kris that he loved for herself and not because she looked like his first love I understood Kris s hesitation in getting too involved with Asher But if she truly thought the way she did, I just wonder why she kept sleeping with him The plot took a heck of a crazy turn towards the end that had me like wth

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