Ö Exploit me! ë No wonder these are free Kelly Finds a New Line of Work This story chronicles Kelly s entrance into BDSM film work The lack of information she required before shooting really threw me off for some reason Other than that, the steamy scenes felt clinical, although the reader is told Kelly is really into it That doesn t come through in the two work related scenes in this story Perhaps she needed to connect to one person than others, and that didn t happen It all felt detached, and therefore, lukewarm where it was supposed to scorch.
This is a fun,HOT read.
I enjoyed it.
Sunny Tusker was the perfect narrator.
A girl loses her job,answers a want ad and the show begins.
A bit lite on the BDSM stuff ,but fun nonetheless I was provided this audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and or narrator in exchange for an unbiased review via AudiobookBlast or MalarHouse

I was given this Audiobook free for my honest review I have not been paid in anyway for this review This opinion is my own.
First, I want to say, the narrator, Sunny Tusker, was great, but the story was a little off for me This is supposed to be in the realm of BDSM, and though some of the acts were BDSM, it was less D s and bondage and masochism When I read the description, I guess I expected something completely different, that included D s in it, but there isn t any of that at all in it This story actually is about a girl who gets fired from her waitress job, she then finds out she is 2 months behind on rent and will be evicted if she doesn t cough up the cash fast So she goes to the local coffee shop and looks at the help ads posted and comes across a bdsm type photo magazine ad She tears the back ad page searching for TRAPPED And TAPED, The WORLD WATCHED As I PAY MY DEBTS THE HARD WAY Advisory This Word Erotic Tale Contains BDSM, Explicit Sexuality, And Adult Situations The Content May Be Considered Objectionable, So Please read At Your Own Discretion This Is Not For The Faint Of HeartRelax I Whisper To Myself The Wax Drips On My Bare Chest As He Tightens The Clamps I Hold In My Pain It S All About The Money I Tell Myself Eyes Around The Room Glued To My Stripped And [ read Online Exploit me! Õ yuri PDF ] by Nicola Diaz ☆ Naked Wet Body There Must Be Dozens Of Eyes, Mind F Cking Me Right Now, Not Including The Thousands Watching Me Over The Internet I Tighten My Muscles As I Know What He Is About To Do To Me I Thought This Would Be Easy, I Would This Would Be Quick Money I Brace Myself As He Plans On Making Me Earn My Money The Hard Way Ok, Take Deep Breaths NowFor Mature Readers Only

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