S What We AreThat S What We Agreed To BeI Thought It Would Be Harder, Convincing Everyone Our School S Star Receiver Was Mine And Mine Alone, But We Played Our Parts WellSo Well, The Lines Between Us Began To Blur Until They Disappeared CompletelyThe Thing About Pretending, Though, Someone S Always Better At It, And By The Time I Realized My Mistake, There Was No Going BackI Fell For Our LieAnd Then Everything Fell ApartIt Turned Out, He And I Were [ Pdf Fake It Til You Break It ó spain PDF ] by Meagan Brandy  Never Playing The Same Game He Didn T Have To Break Me To Win But He Did It Anyway This book was so cute.
From time to time I really enjoy high school romances, they give me all the nostalgic vibes and feels However, when you move HS Romance to the New Adult category it can be difficult to get it right Very often you see characters that are larger than life, absurdly rich, controlling the whole school, etc and while that can be fun, it can get old very quickly too.
So, I was very pleasantly surprised that this wasn t the case with Fake It Til You Break It This was a sort of down to earth story, where you can actually see or remember lol teenagers behaving the way they did in the book refreshing.
Of course, you have the fake relationship that is nothing new under the sun Guy likes girl, there s a sort of absurd reason for them not to be together, they start a fake relationship that evolves to something real, Yadda yadda But, the way the story is told FIRST TOP read OF 2020 HEAVEN SENT ME NICO, and I loved every minute FACTS Meagan s newest hero is HAF You re gonna jizz your pants when you read this book You might throw your e reader a couple times Come on, it s Meagan The heroine is TO DIE FOR The tension is off the charts .
Fake It Til You Break It is LIVEUS CA UK AU Paperback FITYBI NewAdult ComingSoon Standalone EnemiesToLovers FakeRelationship FITYBI MUSTHaveBookBoyfriend NewAdult MeaganBrandy TeaserTour whoever chose the cover is a marketing genius because y all know we ve been thirsting on Chase Mattson for a while now.
ok so when i first discovered that Nico H was the one that was PINING over Demi h for years i was like y e s that shit is so rare and the fact that this has a fake relationship trope where H s reason is to secretly make the h fall in love with him, while h s reason is to make Alex OM jealous because she had zero romantic feelings for the H before this all happened y e s.
though, i know a lot of people are hesitant to read new adult books takin place in high school, i still think this was still pretty good so i would still recommend this characters Demi was your not so typical new adult heroine where she s smart and doesn t date, though, she was also atypical since she wasn t a virgin surprising right and she s part of the popular crowd.
Nico was apparently your ty 5 Only a matter of time starsIT S LIVEYou don t have to be looking to find the best fucking thing for you.
Sometimes all you have to do is open your eyes and realize it found you firstA strange thing really I m drawn toward Meagan Brandy s books like a moth to a flame and even though she is burning me down every single time, i just can t seem to stay away and i don t ever want to There isn t a book of hers that it doesn t draw me into it and swallow me wholeAnd i m loving when something like that is happeningI love all the drama, the angst and the refreshing touch that she is providing me with through her writing.
And this book wasn t an exception and i had so many expectations of her after the Brayshaw series and she met them all Release Date February 5, 2020 Actual Rating 5 stars Young Adult Romance Opposites Attract Fake Relationship EEEPPP I ve been CRAVING a book like FITYBI for so long that I almost gave up in my pursuit because I couldn t find what I was looking for But this book gave me ALL I NEEDED in a romance and truly blew me away This book is EVERYTHING From the first few pages I was obsessed and this obsession grew with each word Being in this world was like being in heaven and I couldn t put it down Meagan Bandy SLAYS the new adult romance genre and it s very apparent WHY when she writes a book like THIS Gosh, it s so good I may even have to go read it a second time just to get these feels all over again Fake It Till You Bre Û Fake It Til You Break It ☆ Even when you had no fuckin clue you were my babyNO FREAKING WORDS This is exactly the proof why Meagan took New Adult romance world like a hurricane and turned it upside down Her writing style is flawless Her stories are unputdownable Her characters are perfectly imperfect and instantly likeable FITYBI is absolutely amazing I was captivated right from the first page and I couldn t put this book down even for a second Nico and Demi made me completely obsessed with their story This new world Brandy has created instantly sucked me in I swooned, I laughed, I got pissed and got all hot and bothered FITYBI has everything perfectly balanced it has suspense, angst, steam and sweetness Secrets that have been kept throughout the storyline has me at the edge of the seat, while at the same time I was immensely enjoying Demi a DEMIANDNICO4EVERFIVE FAKE STARS for Demi and Nico After I ve read the Brayshaw High series, I had big expectations from Meagan and her next book.
And she did it again.
Meagan absolutely amazed me with this book and made me fall in love with her writing again Fake It Til You Break It is a high school romance book with a fake relationship trope.
Demi is a female character you usually don t meet in books She is everything that one a mean girl needs to be.
But, she is not a mean girl.
Yes, she is a cheerleader, smart and beautifulBut, she is also a sweet and shy girl who is scared to ask the boy she has a crush on if he is interested in her tooI really loved her and she was a surprise after Raven who is the complete opposite of her.
Nico from the other hand is the male character you will fall in love with as soon as you AVAILABLE NOW FULL REVIEW GAHHHH BRAND NEW WORLD NEW CHARACTERS I absolutely love this story The heroine is so fun, the hero is to die for I fell in love with these two as they fell in love with each other And in true Meagan fashion, she has some surprises up her sleeve Get ready for amazing Demi and Nico are all of the things Every single one Nico seems all broody and stolid, but there is so muchbelow the surface, so much he is trying to shield With each chapter, Meagan showed us pieces behind the mask, and I was unable to resist him Demi is the sweet girl we love Very different from her previous heroine, but still able and willing to stand her ground when pushed too far I lived for those moments when she did There is also a whole host of secondary characters I loved The friendship between the girls and English Portugu s logo abaixo 4 starsI didn t know the author, but from seeing the cover and comments on my instagram feed, my desire to read FAKE IT TIL YOU BRAKE IT was only increasing The book tells the story of two senior students in high school, who were friends as children, but with time they stopped talking with each other The don t see eye to eye at the beginnig, but you can tell right away that there s something going on The author s text is so good and so fluid that I started reading and when I blinked I was already 40% of it I was so immersed in the story that I didn t even realize how much I had read And that s great, it confirms that I was really entertained by the story.
I really liked that the characters are around 18 years old and they act as such And although it takes place in high school, the book has very hot parts It was very nice to follow Nico and Demi

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