Possible spoilers below, reviewing as I read I don t need to know my name because by the time I m done, you ll forget yours hothothothothothotI m getting over her hostility There s a difference between being guarded and being a bitch She s so up and down that if I were West, I d be slipping that Prozac into her morning coffee He asked to borrow her car to go shopping, but he doesn t have a licence at least not on his person or moneydoes he even remember how to drive, if he ever knew The man who remembers nothing of his own life just recited your full name when you never told him it, and you re not concerned Also the dream told him his name and he didn t even address it Okaywhat He went all the way to Alaska to track down a girl his friend told him Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews Sizzling Pages Facebook Twitter SizzlingpagesAnother 5 star book will close out my weekend June Gray is a freaking artist I loved this book from the bottom of my heart West is the epitome of hot alpha with a dirty mouth who knows just what to say and do Such sweetness too This story was breathtaking KatFor Kat, love and relationships are for the weak, and she is anything but.
Until one cold night when she finds a stranger stumbling on the side of a dark road, a man who has lost his memory.
The Stranger A past forgotten.
not even a name He saw her beauty when she was blind Passion undeniedExplosive chemistryHe couldn t let her go He didn t want his old life back A promise The idea for Finding West came to me one day while driving in Salinas, CA, when I passed a woman in a beat up old truck She was wearing a flannel shirt and had no trace of makeup on her face, and in the passenger seat sat her dog I imagined her to be without fuss or pageantry, happy to live on her own with only her dog as her companion She would be strong, self reliant, and a little bit of a prickly hermit Thus the character Kat was born.
Then I wondered what it would be like if that fiercely independent woman suddenly had to take care of a grown man How would she react to the simple act of bringing a stranger into her home, occupying her space Would it change her identity And his Finding West was meant to be one, long novel but due to my 70,000 word contract restriction, I had to divide it into two I m hoping to have the sequel, Heading East, don This gets a two thumbs up A terrific read.
Ms Gray had me with her Disarm series , from the moment I started reading Finding West , she had me even , because OMG from the moment I started reading Finding West , I couldn t put it down, I ended finish the book in one day, that how good it wasThank God for take out The characters of this amazing book are Kat and WestKat is a tomboy who lives in t shirts and dirty jeans and doesn t give a shit what the world thinks of her She lives alone in a small town in Alaska and closes everyone out, with only her dog Josie by her side For Kat, love and relationships are for the weak, and she is anything but.
Plus Kat has a mouth of a sailor, she funny and love how she keep giving West all different kinda names, from Lenny from south park to Bart Simpson Who is this stranger One cold night while driving home, Kat finds a stranger stumbling on th

R E A L L Y Another book for Kat and West R E A L L Y Do we need that I don t like books with cliffies where their HEAs appear in the sequels I always felt that the momentum of the story kinda slowed a bit when told in a different book The anticipation just got deflated somehow And there will be all kinds of repetitive flash back drama Hate those Still, I ll read book 2 just because JG wrote it And hoping that it will at least be a 4star read Thank you very much to Rachel who kindly lent a stranger this book.
Finding West (True North, #1) ï It was time for an eBook and has been a while since I d done erotica, so this looked like it might fit the bill And it was free on , and about people forgetting who they are, and I ve been on an amnesia kick so what could be better It s a simple story loner girl Kat living crusty in Alaska, finds guy in a snowbank, thaws him out at home, and wouldn tcha know, he has amnesia While waiting out the storm, they get hot n bothered, then while waiting for the town sheriff to figure out who he is, they bonk themselves into oblivion Identity confirms he s a jerk, he swears he s changed, but she swears he s played her because she s SUCH a lovely individual , he leaves heartbroken with an open invitation to his other life, and the book ends with a to be continued.
Frankly Kat and the author are the emotional and mental equivalents of fifteen year olds The character pouts, is belligerent, is chil NOTE THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS I really went through the gaunlet of emotions with this book In the beginning I was not certain I would like the lead heroine Kat great name by the way , I didn t know if I would like her crass mouth and rough exterior, but she ending up growing on me a bit Then along comes West and I fell for him HARD He was so sweet and kind to Kat My heart melted for him with the trials and tribulations of his memory loss I can t imagine what it would feel like to remember nothing about yourself and lose your identity completely As their relationship begins to grow from strangers to friends to eventually lovers, I had a rough time with Kat through this process She fought him tooth and nail and at times I was extremely aggitated by her She finally got over herself and gave in to her wants and things were good for a little while until West starting regaining part re reading ready for book 2 release An amnesia loner romance.
Cover 7 10Writing style 8 10Heroine 9 10Hero 9 10Amount of humour 4 10Amount of jealousy 1 10Hotness 8 10Romance 8 10Ending 8 10BLURB Kat spent her teens as a loner, unsure and shy Now she lives a lonely life with just a dog for company, staying a few miles away from her small hometown in Alaska and close to the prison She s feisty, bold, strong and capableI m one stubborn, contrary motherfucker And I have a potty mouth On her way home from a trip to the diner, a storm begins to roll in, along with it stumbles a stranger, a tall dark and handsome one, with no idea of who he isI had made a point of avoiding people men most of all for the last seven years, but in one moment of insanity, I had willingly One In A Two Part SeriesKat Hollister Is A Tomboy Who Lives In T Shirts And Dirty Jeans And Doesn T Give A Shit What The World Thinks She Lives Alone In A Small Town In Alaska And Closes Everyone Out, With Only Her Dog Josie By Her Side For Kat, Love And Relationships Are For The Weak, And She Is Anything But Until One Cold Night When She Finds A Stranger Stumbling On The Side Of A Dark Road, A Man Who Has Lost His MemoryShe Gives [June Gray] ✓ Finding West (True North, #1) [gender-roles PDF] Ebook Epub Download ï Him Temporary Shelter Against The Snowstorm, But What She Doesn T Count On Is The Friendship That Blooms This Man Who Has No Identity Starts To Teach Her Things About Herself She Never Knew, And She Begins To Wonder If Maybe She D Been Wrong About Love And Trust All AlongFinding West Is A , Word Erotic Romance For ReadersAnd Up

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