More often than not, if I ran across a character who shared my race and gender in a book he was a gross stereotype, comic relief, token sidekick, or, depending on the genre I m looking at you, science fiction, fantasy, and horror , there to die so the real hero could fight another day.
I love anthologies, and I love getting the opportunity to promote authors of color and diverse books, so as soon as I learned that the co founder of the We Need Diverse books movement was editing this anthology, I had to grab it and I am so happy that I did.
Before I get into the full breakdown, I d like to give shout outs to a few of my favorites from the collection, which were Why I Learned to Cook by Sara Farizan, which gave me all of the happy cutesy feels One Voice by Melissa de la Cruz, which broke my heart in the best way and Super Human by Nicola Yoon, which re My full review can read at my blog, The Quiet Pond.
A wonderful and diverse anthology of ownvoices stories I enjoyed this so so much, and particularly so as an audiobook, and I highly recommend this anthology to everyone Explores a diversity of topic through a variety of genres contemporary slice of life sort of stuff, romance, science fiction, and historical fiction Also explores a variety of themes that are guaranteed to pull you in To name a few, what humanity is, the power of solidarity, how perceptions shape who we are, colourism, racism, sexism, and gender Has characters of colour, queer characters, a trans character all of the perspectives were wonderful, candid, and genuine, and there s guaranteed to be a story for everyone.
Notable stories Meet Cute by Malinda Lo Follows two girls Asian and Black who meet at a NOW AVAILABLESometimes I wonder where I ve been,Who I am,Do I fit in.
I may not win, But I can t be thrown,Out here on my own,Out here on my own Out Here on My Own, Irene Cara, Songwriters Lesley Gore Michael GoreLamar Giles, editor of this YA anthology, and in partnership with We Need Diverse books wanted, wantsstories about diversity,stories wherepeople can see themselves, especially for our youth In his youth, he says in the Foreword, thatbook after book, adventure after adventure, the heroes weren t like me at all.
For him as a child, that meantstories featuring black boys who were not portrayed as a stereotype of one kind or another Still, that didn t just apply to him, and when he or one of his friends found a story that they could find themselves in, it reinforced their love of reading With that in mind, this collection includes heroes of I really wish there wasof a variety of genres, but this was a great collection of short stories featuring diverse characters written by some of the biggest YA contemporary authors.
I think I expectedthan just contemporary fiction stories because in the foreword, the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres are all specifically called out for their killing off of minority characters However, the majority of these stories are contemporary with romance being a key plot point Out of the twelve stories, there is one historical fiction, one sci fi, and one fantasy story Four of the contemporaries have a main focus of romance Maybe I just needed a bitof a mix and romance is my least favorite genre, so this was a disappointment Regardless, some of these stories are very thought provoking, some will make you feel emot Partnership With We Need Diverse books, Thirteen Of The Most Recognizable, Diverse Authors Come Together In This Remarkable YA Anthology Featuring Ten Short Stories, A Graphic Short Story, And A One Act Play From Walter Dean Myers Never Before In PrintCareful You Are Holding Fresh Ink And Not Hot Off The Press, Still Drying In Your Hands Ink Instead, You Are Holding Twelve Stories With Endings That Are Still Being Written Whose Next Chapters Are Up To YouBecause These Stories Are Meant To Be read And SharedThirteen [Lamar Giles] ç Fresh Ink: An Anthology [world-history PDF] Ebook Epub Download ç Of The Most Accomplished YA Authors Deliver A Label Defying Anthology That Includes Ten Short Stories, A Graphic Novel, And A One Act Play This Collection Will Inspire You To Break Conventions, Bend The Rules, And Color Outside The Lines All You Need Is Fresh Ink

In the introduction of Fresh Ink, it s stated many reasons that we need short stories such as these Even though I did not relate directly to many of the stories, I completely agree that we needdiversity in all writing, especially the young adult genre All the tales had a very genuine feel to the characters and discussed extremely relevant issues facing our society today I recommend this book to adults and young adults alike Thanks to NetGalley and publishers for providing an advanced copy of the book in exchange for this honest review.
Thank you to Netgalley for sending me this book for review I m taking the time today to finally sit down and review Fresh Ink I had a lot of fun reading this book, which surprised me considering it was a compilation of short stories and frankly me and short stories do not get a long very well see example me and every single Neil Gaiman compilation I ve ever read Fresh Ink as I said is a collection of short stories, but it goes beyond so muchthan that Each story was written specifically in mind for representation and diversity It overflows with it, but not in a painful, forced kind of way We have Indian, African American, trans, LGBT, and so manyI felt myself smiling at almost every single on of these stories My personal favorite was about a super hero When it comes to my usual reviewing system I feel like it would be a bit con É Fresh Ink: An Anthology É Growing up, finding stories I could relate to require Sherlock Holmes level detection While I enjoyed your typical stories aimed at middle schoolers and teenagers, they had something in common that bothered me a bit They excluded me.
Very few books I read including black girls When they did, however, they were stereotypical and unbelievable Yes, the last sentence is still a problem today in 2019 Mind you, I read these books in the eighties.
Thankfully, this generation desires a turnaround With anthologies like Black Enough Stories of Being Young Black in America, kids and teens begin to see themselves, not as marginalized stereotypes, but as young people with voices deserving of hearing.
Fresh Ink is an anthology published August 2018, and unlike Black Enough, it s not just about black teens, it includes the LGBTQA, Native, Middle Eastern, Asian teen community In this review Average Rating 3.
58 StarsStories I Was Most Excited For Eraser Tattoo by Jason Reynolds Super Human By Nicola YoonFavorite stories Be Cool For Once by Aminah Mae Safi Why I Learned to Cook by Sara Farizan Super Human by Nicola YoonLeast Favorite Stories A Stranger at the Bochinche by Daniel Jos OlderPaladin Samuari by Gene Luen YangFresh Ink is a vibrant collection of diverse stories that share personal truths, hopes, fears, and dreams Told in short stories, a one act play, and a graphic short these stories give voice to characters whose stories are not often given the space to shine But these author craft complex characters in dynamic relationships that draw you in.
Eraser Tattoo by Jason Reynolds 3.
5 Stars Jason Reynolds can do no wrong in my eyes Long Way Down is one lf the best books I ve ever read I loved the sentiment i received a DRC of this book in exchange for an honest review Thanks to netgalley and the publisher Eraser Tattoo by Jason Reynolds I have read all of Jason s books and I don t think he s ever written a strict love story before and now i NEED a full length love story from him 5 starsMeet Cute by Malinda Lo So cute and nerdy The middle kinda dragged for me, but all in all i loved it 4 starsDon t Pass Me By by Eric Gansworth This is a story about an American Indian boy letting himself feel empowered with his heritage, which is awesome, but also low key boring 3 stars.
Be Cool For Once by Aminah Mae Safi This had the makings of what could be a really cute novel, but a very confusing short story It was so rushed, I didn t really understand what was going on 2.
5 starsTags by Walter Dean Meyers This is a one act play that I m betting would be incredibl

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