õ Green Pharmacy: The History and Evolution of Western Herbal Medicine ☆ Loved this book It gave me a new perspective on natural medicine versus conventional medicine.
The Latest Developments In The Field Of Herbal Medicine, This Classic Bestseller Presents A Fascinating Account Of The Ideas, Personalities, Advances, And Vicissitudes That Have Shaped The Course Of Medicine And Pharmacology In The Western World The Author Provides An Eloquent And Engaging Account Of The Use Of Herbal Medicine From Prehistoric Times To The Present, Reaffirming The Incalculable Value Of Medicinal Plants In The Healing Arts She Presents A Strong Case For The Cyclical Emergence Of Alternative Medicine At Times Such As ✓ Green Pharmacy: The History and Evolution of Western Herbal Medicine ¾ Download by µ Barbara Griggs Our Own When Allopathic Methods Of Treatment Have Lost Their Safety And Efficacy Should be mandatory reading for any student of herbalism, homeopathy, or natural health.
Completely amazing book worthy of a doctoral thesisshe s amazingamazing.

Well researched and engagingly written.
Wonderful tale of the roots and politics of herbal medicine over the centuries, replete with wonderfully outspoken characters.
Not that its fiction, this is a really well researched non fiction history of herbal medicine.
But its gripping all the same.

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