The Author Makes Clear, Every Book Has A History Guerrilla Warfare Is No Exception Together With Its Sequel Terrorism And Two Companion Readers It Was Part Of A Wider Study To Give A Critical Interpretation Of Guerrilla And Terrorism Theory And Practice Throughout History It Did Not Aim At Providing A General Theory Of Political Violence, Nor Did It Give Instructions On How To Conduct Guerrilla Warfare And Terrorist Operations Its Aim Remains To Bring About Greater Semantic And Analytic Clarity, And To Do So At Psychological [ read Online Guerrilla Warfare: A historical and critical study ✓ musicians PDF ] by Walter Laqueur ß As Well As Political LevelsWhile The Word Guerrilla Has Been Very Popular, Much Less Attention Has Been Given To Guerrilla Warfare Than To Terrorism Even Though The Former Has Been Politically Successful The Reasons For The Lack Of Detailed Attention Are Obvious Guerrilla Operations Take Place Far From Big Cities, In The Countryside, In Remote Regions Of A Nation In Such Areas There Are No Film Cameras Or RecordersIn His Probing New Introduction, Laqueur Points Out That A Review Of Strategies And The Fate Of Guerrilla Movements During The Last Two Decades Show Certain Common Features Both Mainly Concerned Nationalists Fighting For Independence Either Against Foreign Occupants Or Against Other Ethnic Groups Within Their Own Country But Despite The Many Attempts, Only In Two PlacesAfghanistan And Chechnya Were The Guerrillas SuccessfulAccording To Laqueur Historical Experience Demonstrates That Guerrilla Movements Have Prevailed Over Incumbents Only In Specific Conditions Due To A Constellation Of Factors, Ranging From Modern Means Of Observation To Increase In Firepower The Author Suggests That We May Witness A Combination Of Political Warfare, Propaganda, Guerrilla Operations And Terrorism In Such Cases, This Could Be A Potent Strategy For Unsponsored Revolutionary Change But Either As Social History Or Military Strategy This Work Remains A Crucial Work Of Our Times

ñ Guerrilla Warfare: A historical and critical study ñ Slow but good read A nice reminder that not only was guerrilla warfare fought before Mao, but the ideas espoused by Mao and others had been expressed before It s a great survey of the conflicts and the writings around and about the conflicts, especially those from before World War I.

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