C m gi c l n nh t khi c xong cu n n y kh ng ph i vui v m l ti c nu i M i ng y c 2 ch ng d ng nh tr th nh m t ni m vui to l n Nh ng gi th c h t r i D l kh ng r n i dung m t c gi mu n n i n nh ng ch c n c th i l c m th y vui r i Hu ng chi nh ng tri t l n ch a ng sau c c c u chuy n.
C m gi c nh suy ngh c a b n th n c thanh l c theo h ng t ch c c v y V kh ng bi t d ng c ch n o m t s y u th ch i v i quy n s ch n y N tr th nh m t trong nh ng cu n s ch y u th ch nh t In Hard Times Is About Surviving When You Re Broke How Happy People Think And How You Can Be Like Them Liking Yourself Before You Lose That Extra Weight Persevering After You Get The Sack Being Happy Before You Meet Your Dream Partner And When They Become A Learning Experience Filled With Andrew S Charming Cartoons, And Inspiring Stories Of People Who Have Lost Everything They Had Or Almost Been Beaten By Alcohol, Illness, Abuse Or Outrageous Misfortune, Trailer é Happiness in Hard Times PDF by ✓ Andrew Matthews Happiness in Hard Times Shows Us How We Too Can Find Our Way Through The Pain To The Contentment That Seems Out Of Reach This book was given to me by my pet sister from Singapore.
When I start readings this book, I started to look back at my life.
Most of the things he wrote down would resembled myself and I felt a hard slap across my face What he said was true every words of it.
But in here, I found ways to solve my emotions issue.
I got to know that happiness is not something we earn but something we choose This is by far the greatest self help book I ever read and I m having fun reading it too , ,, .
Acceptance You accept where you are,forgot what ifs ,Acceptance mean This is where I am and now I move on to what I want Present the moment and All you can do is give your best effort until bedtime.
Let tomorrow take care of itself.
I wake up everyday choosing to be happy.
You never know how you will react to tragedy There is no secret to happiness, you just chose it.
We learn most in life when we get hit over the back of the head.
We are creatures of habit we keep doing what we re doing until we re force to change.
Happiness in Hard Times ð it very good

Uno de los libros m s simples e inspiradores que he le do este a o.
I found this book when I was in a depression period It really opened my eyes to the less fortunate out there The stories are so inspiring which made my problems seem so small A must read for those who always complain endlessly.
I was into the Chicken Soup series when it was still a fad, and now I realized the series wouldn t hold a candle to this book Mr Matthews doesn t offer warm and fuzzy advices, but instead remind you that real people had been worse than you and they managed to succeed The illustration is just a plus I love the inspirational stories added in each chapter, and some even have website and email related to the person in the real life story I asked my mom to read this, and she started to come out of her depression We ve just lost my brother, his son, and father to my nephew and niece At the same time, I went through a personal problem that include leaving my much loved job Somehow, I believe, after reading the book, that my problem can be overco

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