Cannot believe how well this has been translated, as a Scottish potterhead, I was howling with laughter the whole way through it Has to be read out loud with an odd Fife accent even if not from Fife.
And Mrs Dursley, O Nummer Fower, Privet Loan, Were Prood Tae Say That They Were Gey Normal, Thank Ye Awfie Muckle They Were The Lest Fowk Ye Wid Jalouse Wid Be Taigled Up Wi Onythin Unco Or Ferlie, Because They Jist Widnae Hae Onythin Tae Dae Wi Joukery Packery Like Yon Will See An Auspicious Alignment Of Anniversaries J K Rowling S World Beating Debut Novel Harry Potter And The Philosopher S Stone Turns This Year And Itchy Coo, Celebrating Years In The Book Trade, [ read Online Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stane: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in Scots (Scots Language Edition) ✓ princesses PDF ] by J.
Rowling Ç Will Publish A Scots Version Of This Classic Text Harry Potter And The Philosopher S Stane The Novel Has Already Been Translated Into A Staggering Languages Itchy Coo S Scots Translation Will Be Language Number Since , Itchy Coo Has Been Wowing Young Readers And Challenging Old Attitudes With Bold New Translations Of books By Roald Dahl, Julia Donaldson, David Walliams, Alexander McCall Smith, AA Milne, Asterix And Others And Done It All In The Wonderful Scots Language Which Has The Power To Engage, Excite And Entertain Readers Of All Ages Matthew Fitt S Forthcoming Scots Translation Of JK Rowling S Phenomenal Adventure Story Will Break New Ground And Earn A Place In Hearts Of Young Scots Readers And Harry Potter Fans Alike This Is Amazing I m from Glasgow and grew up in South lanarkshire where a lot of the language is spoken is similar to what is in the book It s a fantastic adaption of Harry Potter and reading it will have you crying with laughter It just sounds so alien to read Harry Potter in slang, but it is absolutely worth it.
Only problem is that I can t finish the book because I m laughing so much and constantly phoning my mum and gran to read it out through the phone It s just brilliant.
↠´ Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stane: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in Scots (Scots Language Edition) ↠´ Greatest translation I ve ever seen, hilarious, amusing and very entertaining Admittedly havent read it all through Its a great keepsake and I hope they bring out the full boxset Great to have Harry Potter in Scots pure braw Hope they do the rest of the series too Reading this with my class of P5 children at the moment and they are absolutely loving it.
This is absolutely fantastic, not only because of the great narrative of J.
K Rowlings but also for the fact that almost every character uses a different version of scots and you will encounter words used in the different dialects of the scots language within the book.
Overall if you are a scots speaker there is no reason why you shouldn t buy this book, the scots translation improves what is already an amazing piece of art.

There was a puckle o words ah wisna afa sure o and ah think they must come fae all ower Scotland bit ah kent maist o fit ah ve read so far Ah live in England so jist get te spik Scots te the dog nooadays cos naebody else kens fit ah m oan aboot Me and the dog are baith enjoying this book Noo he jist says c moan wifie, alohomora and magically the back door opens and he s oot for a pee Sadly accio dog disna work and ah still hiv te gang oot in the rain te get him back in again Weel done te get this book translatit and may there be mony mair.
a loved the book ye need tae read it oot loud tae get the best effect fae it, some o the patter is local tae certain areas hoo n iver that jist adds tae the fun

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