Awesome book Really well written and makes you feel things Pretty sure I took the wrong lesson I was supposed to take from this book which was don t trust anybody Very complex characters and gives good psychological background Lots of haunting lines On Compeyson s death this is not a spoiler if you ve read Great Expectations which I would recommend doing before this book A destroyer such as he, who is destroyed in his turn, he s owed no grief 347.
I read Great Expectations in high school, which I am sure many of us did, and it is actually do for a re read, well someday I do remember Miss Havisham as being a nasty and bitter old biddy.
In this remarkably well written novel, the author tries to enlighten the reader on what made her the mean old character she was The story starts when she is young, only her father bringing her up, a brewery providing the family fortune I enjoyed this story, did feel sorry for her in places but always felt she was a bit self centered even young and this did not change as she grew Does not follow the story lines of Great Expectations exactly, but follows it s own course to her mental breakdown and instability Would have like to have had these things explored a little thoroughly I am not a fan Was A Delicate Tracery Of Gold Foil On The Back Of The Dress How Strange That Such A Consummately Made Garment Should Be Worn For This One Day Only But, As Every Girl Growing Up Understood, Her Wedding Day Was The Most Significant She Would Know A Woman S Crowning GloryCatherine Havisham Was Born Into Privilege Handsome, Imperious, She Is The Daughter Of A Wealthy Brewer, And Lives In Luxury In Satis House But She Is Never Far From The Smell Of Hops And The Arresting [ Pdf Havisham Ñ classical-music PDF ] by Ronald Frame À Letters On The Brewhouse Wall Havisham A Reminder Of All She Owes To The Family Name And The Family BusinessSent By Her Father To Stay With The Chadwycks, Catherine Discovers Literature, Music And Masquerades Elegant Pastimes To Remove The Taint Of New Money But For All Her Growing Sophistication Catherine Is Anything But Worldly, And When A Charismatic Stranger Pays Her Attention, Everything Her Heart, Her Future, The Very Havisham Name Is VulnerableIt Is A Masterly Tribute To One Of Dickens S Most Celebrated And Iconic Characters Find this and other reviews at one of Dickens best known characters, Miss Havisham has intrigued readers since the release of Great Expectations I m not a fan of the book itself, but even I am not immune to the eerie mystic that clings to the tattered remnants of her dilapidated mansion and decaying wedding dress Like the novel or not, it s hard not to wonder how one could end up as psychologically grief stricken as the mistress of Satis House and while we ll never know the full extent of her history from the pen of her creator, author Ronald Frame has given readers the next best thing in Havisham.
All things considered I don t think there are too many surprises in this piece, but at the end of the day we already know where this character ends up The question is how she got there and in that regard I think Frame did an admirable job fleshing out her story Using Dickens work a This is an experiment in imaginative writing that works admirably.
Telling the story of Catherine Havisham from her childhood a prequel to Great Expectations it is clear,at least in Ronald Frame s fantasy, that Miss Havisham once had great expectations herself Using his literary skills to some effect,Frame delineates the whole sorry story which leads the self contained brewer s daughter Catherine to the fateful morning of her phantom wedding to Charles Compeyson,and its deathless aftermath, when she takes her revenge on men through the whims and wiles of Estella,as Dickens told in one of the main strands of Great Expectations I love Dickens s depiction of Pip,and the cruel fate of the gullible boy,and Frame uses incidents and dialogue from the original work seam Like many other readers I have been fascinated with the character of Catherine Havisham since I first encountered her in Great Expectations at the tender age of 13 Jilted on her wedding day and frozen in time and bitterness in Satis House, she endeavours to wreak vengeance on treacherous, unreliable men via her ward, the irresistible Estella Ronald Frame uncovers the human side of Miss Havisham, revealing an ambitious and vivacious young woman not yet tainted by the trauma of broken relationships.
We see a young girl, an only child doted upon by her widowed father who lavishes her with gifts Children, handpicked are brought to play at Satis House but Catherine remains an outsider, the money coming from the Havisham Brewery marking her as different from the local villagers but sti Ï Havisham Ï I picked Havisham in a bookstore in Paris, during our holiday Being a fan of Great Expectations I was all excitement that such a book should exist and I couldn t wait to dive into its story, Catherine Havisham s story However, the I read, the disappointed I grew The book resembles a poem to me, but one that sounds flat and evokes no feelings in the reader s heart It was as if I watched everything happening to Catherine from a great distance and heard the words she spoke through a thick wall inaudible, muffled I wish in no way to underestimate Frame s efforts and do respect his work and his courage to write this book It just did not touch me It did make me want to re read Dickens s masterpiece, though

well, I read it just after finishing Great Expectations and Mister Pip, another excellent novel inspired by GE and was intrigued to find another weay of looking ast Miss Havisham It was fine, enjoyable but somehow didnt really add anything for me I had presumed we would think her less mad and unhinged but for me the TV film last Xmas with the much younger Miss Havisham did do that She came over as a real person, who could well have lost it following such dreadful treatment, loss of trust etc I have nothing to complain about with this book, though its not hugely inspiring the way its written, i kept feeling that it was wanting, in comparison to the richness of Dickens own writing Ronald Frame s Havisham opens with a great scene in which a young Estella meets Miss Havisham for the first time and is shocked by what she sees the dress, the veil, the slippers all important details from Great Expectations reiterated here This vignette is in short, clipped sentences, and almost like a brief running commentary snapshot into Miss Havisham s mind It s a brilliant way to kick off a story of one woman s descent into madness and 24 hour bridal gown wearing.
Unfortunately, this style of storytelling continues throughout the entire novel, and, in addition to some unbelievable plot points, it s very disjointed, jarring and hard to get through Whereas Dickens writing flows with beautiful language and descriptions, Frame is sparse and the vignette style hurts the story than it I should start by saying that I came in with GREAT EXPECTATIONS HAR HAR Sorry Now that that s out of the way I went to Book Expo America last year and Havisham was one of the two books I was most excited about receiving I might as well add that the version I read is actually an ARC I adored Great Expectations, and Miss Havisham is such a wacky character a wealthy woman jilted on her wedding day, she stops all the clocks in her home at the time she found out, and eventually adopts a young girl that she raises to wreak havoc on the male of the species I was excited that she finally had her own story told in detail After all, I m the one who wanted to be Miss Havisham for Halloween one year but didn t have a 7 year old girl at my disposal to be my Estella Anyway, this excitement might b

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