Edited review 13.
Initially i wrote a perfect 5 star review when I was about a third into the book as follows Great story in the style of Kane and Abel A Matter of Honour A brilliant read Now that I ve got to the end, my overall review is now only 2 stars The last 100 pages or so appear too rushed and you never really get to knowing what happens to characters as others have mentioned, some characters feel lifted from earlier novels.
The ending promoted as a shock doesn t work and feels like It was rushed to meet deadlines.
This book could have been so much better if it was split into two separate novels and then a combined conclusion.
Not Jeffrey Archer s best Archer is a fantastic storyteller This is no exception His quick and easy to read prose makes the plot absorbing and the chapters fly by The characters are strong and bring the emotion to the reader as we see Alex Sasha go through tribulations at school college and in employment The parallel stories of the Russian immigrant in UK and US is good, as the parallels compare playing chess, love of art, political aspirations nicely There are a few fundamental flaws that in a sci fi world would cause a discontinuity of space and time, and the ending was frankly poor.
I pre ordered this book in April and had been looking forward to reading it all summer It arrived on November 1st, as promised, and I started reading it straight away For the first three quarters of the book I was absolutely rivetted and couldn t put it down, but from thereon it became less gripping I ploughed on, nevertheless, only to be thoroughly disappointed by the very weak ending I felt cheated.
Well, Kane and Abel this most certainly is not.
MILD SPOILERS FOLLOW Edited on 1 12 18 to say that Mr Archer was on the Graham Norton radio show today and he spoke freely about the 2 Sliding Doors scenarios in the book, so what I have written below is actually spoiler free The blurb explains that as Alexander escapes from Russia he has to make a decision as to which ship to hide in one sailing to Britain or one heading for the USA The story actually takes on a parody of Sliding Doors, with both scenarios playing out I quite liked this, once I got used to it However, the book needed to be much longer as so much was skimmed over and characters not properly developed Many character types are straight from the pages of Archer s earlier books, particularly the cardboard cut out wives and the dastardly frauds Heads You Win Ï A fast paced read as with all Archers books But this has an interesting twist with a sliding doors split of the main character.
However there are several instances where this makes for a clunky kind of tale The ending is a bit rushed, and seems a bit of a cop out.
SPOILER The 2 characters could have continued, side by side although it would have made for an awkward sequel, which is perhaps where this is heading Bumping one off quite suddenly makes for a rushed and disappointing ending to what is quite a good tale Albeit, a story that has borrowed plot and other ideas from pretty much all of his previous novels.
Not one of Mr archers finest Rambling, light on plotline and a daft ending Boring hope the next one is better You Win Is The Incredible And Thrilling Novel By The Master Storyteller And Best Selling Author Of The Clifton Chronicles And Kane And Abel, Jeffrey Archer Leningrad, Russia, Alexander Karpenko Is No Ordinary Child, And From An Early Age, It Is Clear He Is Destined To Lead His Countrymen But When His Father Is Assassinated By The KGB For Defying The State, He And His Mother Will Have To Escape From Russia If They Hope To Survive ↠´ read Heads You Win by Jeffrey Archer ✓ At The Docks, They Are Confronted With An Irreversible Choice Should They Board A Container Ship Bound For America Or Great Britain Alexander Leaves That Choice To The Toss Of A Coin In A Single Moment, A Double Twist Decides Alexander S Future During An Epic Tale Of Fate And Fortune, Spanning Two Continents And Years, We Follow His Triumphs And Defeats As He Struggles As An Immigrant To Conquer His New World As This Unique Story Unfolds, Alexander Comes To Realise Where His Destiny Lies And Accepts That He Must Face The Past He Left Behind In Russia With A Final Twist That Will Shock Even His Most Ardent Fans, This Is International Number One Best Seller Jeffrey Archer S Most Ambitious And Creative Work Since Kane And Abel I have read all Jeffrey Archers novels and think them great except this one To much like his other stories The Clifton Series and Kane and Abel The split themes were too muddled and mixed up the ending was unexpected, a Jeffery Archer trait which is usually good but not this time His other books you could say yes that s believable not this time.
The story was just ok, not what I have come to expect, sorry

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