And she does it again.
Elizabeth Lennox never fails to amaze me Every one of her books or series that I read, make me wantThis is the 2nd book in the Alfieri Saga, and I can t wait to start the third Love it I have to say that I enjoy this book It made me smile and nod and grin LoL.
Mitch it s a man that don t know how to react to a woman saying no to him When she finally give herself to him, he blows everything up Such a man thing to do, specially if he is used to get his own way.
Adriana was very innocent because of her family I guess , she was to sheltered I like the way she battle with herself, try to solve her own problems by herself I would have shouted to Mitch a lot of stuff if I was her after that night they spend together and what he said to her I respect her aproach, she was angry and she was not going to tell him what he did wrong He needed to learn for himself.
I think the book was a fast, romantic, funny to read I m interesting to see how the other brothers will do with their lives, so I will keep reading this series.
My reason for giving 3 stars Because the book Meh I liked this book very much A great time again Elizabeth I liked the people in the book too.
Her Gentle Capture (The Alfieri Saga, #2) ✓ Sweet and beautiful book Mitch is hot and has a good heart It s nice to see Dylan and Adriana all grown up I like Adriana but she created all her problems in her head, IMO I got a little irritated when she just wouldn t let go and was a little bratty too But i guess it was also good that she let Mitch grovel a little.

Adriana comes from a wealthy background, but instead securing a cushy position at one of her father s businesses, she s decided to work for another tycoon Mitch If only the bossy jerk didn t find faults in every analasys and report he makes her write, then insist on working out these problems with her personally, in his office, after hours Meanwhile, the bossy jerk in question is crushing hard on Adriana She remains clueless of his growing attraction and sexual frustration, while he wonders how she could possibly afford her obviously expensive wardrobe on her salary.
My biggest problem with this book is Adriana herself Somehow she doesn t feel like a 21 century woman, butlike a sheltered nun I mean, not even so A great 2nd book to the series Like some of the other reviewers stated it would had been great if it had been longer justgood reading and yes the epilogue in the first book was good but since the family keeps showing up in the later books an epilogue wasn t really needed JMHO BTW a good proof reader would be GREAT Good book I really liked the book I just wish that it was longer I thought it should have ended like the first one I love to see the couples happy together years later and with their kids I feel like it brings the story full circle Please end the rest of the books with an epilogue It really makes a huge difference Congrats all the same Gina It was nice reading till the end Hates Mitch As A Boss, But Can T Keep Her Eyes Off Of Him He Drives Her Crazy, Wanting To Go Over Every Detail Of Her Work, Butshe Finds Herself Wondering What He Looks Like Underneath His Impressive Suits How Is She To Maintain Her Dislike Of The Man When Her Body Is Telling Her That She Is Lying To Herself Mitch Is Blown Away By Adriana His Attraction To Her Can No Longer Be Ignored, And He Senses That She Feels It [ Pdf Her Gentle Capture (The Alfieri Saga, #2) ✓ new-age PDF ] by Elizabeth Lennox ☆ Too He Finally Breaks Down Her Defenses, Countering All Of Her Arguments About Why They Shouldn T Be Together And Showing Her, In Great Detail, How Incredible They Are Together So Why Does She Become So Angry When He Tells Her He Won T Share Her With Anyone Else

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