Very informative and easy to read Such a great resource book to keep on hand.
This is my favorite book on herbs I love how Kathi explains, in detail, how and why certain herbs are used and simple recipes to follow for make herbal remedies.
I found this book very approachable, with great information about applications and recipes for specific ailments I particularly appreciated the section devoted to women s health A lot of herbal remedy books will prescribe various herbs for things like PMS, but without going into any further detail PMS is an umbrella term for all sorts of things like fatigue, breast soreness, uterine cramps, water retention, headache, mood sensitivity, etc This book actually explains what causes these ailments, like the drop in magnesium and calcium in the body after ovulation, and goes on to explain why certain herbs are particularly beneficial I also like the approach it takes, regarding herbs as way of healing inbalances in the body and or maintaining balance, and My mom bought me this book when I had my first child in 1996 It still is one of my very favorite books I love her recipes, stories and expertise This is definitely a family heirloom I cannot recommend it highly enough This book is defintely a keeper Very well done Documents studies using herbs to heal.
Safe And Practical Guide Brings Herbalism Into The St Century An Authoritative Handbook To Using Herbs In One S Life, From The Kitchen To The Medicine Cabinet To The Dressing Table The Emphasis In This Book Is On Hands On Remedies That Readers Can Easily Make In Their Kitchens Each Chapter Provides Recipes, Along With Detailed Information On Why Each Ingredient Is Used [Kathi Keville] ñ Herbs for Health and Healing [personal-development PDF] read Online ñ Illustrations Ü Herbs for Health and Healing Ü Great reference book I ve had in my personal library for years.
My herb bible I LOVE this book I turn to it for every ailment.
No herbal monographs, only herbal preparations

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