5 StarsSeven year old Maisy and her teenage brother Rowan live with their mother Gloria She has always used unique, extreme ways of parenting, but her methods have become worse andfocused on Rowan since their father Telly left her for another woman One night after a round of Gloria s inhumane punishments, Rowan runs away, and finds solace with a homeless man who lives under the bridge As the whole city begins to look for him, Gloria s manipulations of her family members increase to a breaking point Hideaway touches on difficult topics such as homelessness, mental illness, parental influence and abusive relationships The ending is strong and truly shows the influence of a controlling parent on young children, but gives hope fo When I started this book, I definitely did not see the insane storyline coming I was expecting a fairly basic sort of thriller where the mom is a bit out there and let me tell you, this was anything but your regular old garden variety thriller I was gripped from the beginning and the book didn t let go until the last, terrifying page.
Thanks so much to Penguin Random House Canada for sending me a copy of this book for an honest review As always, all opinions are my own.
The story follows the Janes family the mother Gloria, father Telly, and two children, seven year old Maisy and thirteen year old Rowan On the outside, their family seems normal enough But when Telly leaves, the rifts of the family are soon made visible Gloria s manipul If Home Is The Most Dangerous Place You Can Be For Fans Of Room And Readers Of Shari Lapena Gloria Janes Appears To Be A Doting Suburban Mother And Loving Wife But Beyond Her Canary Yellow Door, Gloria Controls Her Husband, Telly, As Well As Seven Year Old Maisy And Her Older Brother Rowan, Through A Disorienting Cycle Of Adoration And Banishment When Telly Leaves, Gloria Turns On Rowan He Runs Away, Finding Unlikely Refuge With A Homeless Man Named [Nicole Lundrigan] ¸ Hideaway [contemporary-romance PDF] Ebook Epub Download Æ Carl, With Whom He Forms The Kind Of Bond He Has Never Found With His Parents After They Are Menaced By Strangers, Rowan Follows Carl To An Isolated Cottage, Where He Accidentally Sets Off A Burst Of Heightened Paranoia In Carl, And Their Adventure Takes A Dark Turn Gloria Is Publicly Desperate For The Safe Return Of Her Son While Privately Plotting Ever Wilder Ways To Lure Telly Home For Good Her Behaviour Grows Erratic And Her Manipulation Of Maisy Begins To Seem Dedicated Toward An Outcome That Only She Can See The Two Storylines Drive Relentlessly Toward A Climax That Is Both Shocking And Emotionally RivetingSuspenseful, Unsettling, And Masterful, Hideaway Explores The Secrets Of A Troubled Family And Illuminates An Unlikely Hero And A Source Of Unexpected Strength 4.
5 StarsThis is my second go around with Nicole Lundrigan and I continue to be impressed She has a unique approach to her subject matter Hideaway kicks off with a you can t do that, but quickly escalates to a what the do you think you re doing Hideaway is told from two points of view Rowan and his little sister, Maisy the two unfortunate children of Gloria and Telly Janes Lundrigan catapulted me directly into their dysfunctional family dynamic All at once, I was disgusted, appalled, and repulsed by the behavior of these two parents Great job bringing these feelings out so quickly.
What I have learned about Nicole Lundrigan as an author is that she is skilled and fearless, two essential qualities in creating fantastic fiction She attacks taboo subjects that are realities of life which we all need to pay attention to In addition, she develops twists that have all the I got this as part of a good reads giveaway I enjoyed reading it It had a good story to it I liked the variety of characters in it It is my first book read by this author I hope to readbooks by this author It is a arc copy as this book isn t released to book stores till July 9th.
5 great writing This is a horrific story It will stick with me for a while I know these things really do happen and these people do exist but it didn t make it any easier to read about it The hopelessness of the situation was heartbreaking This story is well written and plotted The characters and dialogue are layered It was fascinating and I couldn t put it down but it wasn t an enjoyable read The conclusion helped to an extent.
I would readby this author if the next topic was a bit lighter Thanks to NetGalley, the author and Penguin Random House Canada for a copy in exchange for a review.
· Hideaway ó A dysfunctional family and the lies that go with itGloria and Telly Theodore are the parents of Rowan 13 and Maisy 7 Telly and Gloria are estranged he is living with his lady friend , Dian In front of others, Gloria tries to appear to be a stand up parent and working mother Most likely everyone sees through this fascade At home, Gloria treats her kids and their dog, Chicken terribly Selfish Gloria only wants Telly back and it becomes obvious that she is obsessive about this Maisy has to lie constantly to everyone to fit Gloria s needs and wants Gloria forces her into it Rowan is a bitforthcoming so he sustains the most punishment While spending the night in the woods as a punishment, Rowan meets Carl, a vagabond, who is nice to him Rowan visits Carl regularly Eventually, the tension in the house and his father

Oh Nicole Lundrigan, you have a frightening imagination I simply could not put down your latest release, Hideaway Start to finish on a recent day off.
Gloria is a devoted wife to her husband Telly and mother to her teenaged son Rowan and young daughter Maisy That s what you would see from the outside looking in But inside it s a different matter Gloria s moods swing from high to low with little warning She either loves her children or disappears them by banishing them to a room or a place and not speaking to them When Telly leaves Glow for another woman, it tips her over the edge One night Rowan has had enough and runs into the woods And there, under a bridge, he meets Carl a kind man who is battling his own demons and Rowan de I was nothing I was a stupid kid, with no mom With no dadAnother Canadian author who, I am pleased to say, wrote an incredible read I wanted something different and got it From the moment I began reading I was so engrossed in this disturbing novel that I felt I was there with Maisy and even Rowan There are two narrative perspectives and the chapters alternate between the two, Maisy and Rowan The author did an amazing job putting a voice to a seven year old girl and a thirteen year old boy I was really impressed I don t know how she does it, but each book Nicole Lundrigan writes is better than the last The characters are complex, the plot is engrossing, the pacing and tension are masterful, and the final act is absolutely stunning.
This book has some disturbing content but really holds your interest The story is so mo This was a heart wrenching and difficult book to read, not because of the writing but the subject matter parental neglect and abuse Thirteen year old Rowan and seven year old Maisy live with their mother Gloria whose husband Telly has recent left them for another woman On the surface Gloria seems to be a loving mother but she appears to only have affection for one child at a time and in Maisy s words can make either one of them disappear when the other is in her favor When Rowan is forced to stand in the woods overnight for a minor incident, he meets Carl, a homeless man with mental illness later forced to stand outside in a storm, Rowan will seek him out for solace And now we see a dysfunctional family at its worst Gloria man

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